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ODNY: Carlos Montenegro 2012

January 23, 2012

My Brother–Family Carlos M. from the Bronx. Fun skating, hope you enjoy. Filmed and edited by David Toro.

Kyle Solá Roll Series

April 19, 2011

“The following piece is a project that was brought forth by Pratt student, Christine Santanastaso for her senior thesis entitled: Roll Series which is a display of conceptual Jewelry conceived and complemented by the culture of rolling. Christine’s final works will be on display as well as this visual piece at her upcoming show. Further details below” – David Toro.

“Through rolling, abstractions are created on various surfaces through movements, memories and shapes. The idea of this collection is to communicate the relationship the body has with static objects when they are being used as a catalyst for movement. The visual contrast between the weightless body of the skater and the stagnant materials surrounding them is translated into wearable objects that represent the kinetic qualities of street skating. This body of work is a result of a series of abstract formal studies into the visual relationship between a moving figure and static, decaying architectural lines, planes and volumes. This collection of jewelry celebrates this beautifully balanced relationship that is showcased through the art form of street skating” -Christine Santanasto.

ODNYE: Evotek Best Trick Contest

February 21, 2011

“Evotek crew was awesome enough to sponsor the best trick contest at the New Year’s Eve skate jam this past year by giving away $100 of their own personal money. Drink, skate, have the best time, and win a $100 just by doing what already comes natural to you? Dope. Truly a fun filled event that even I myself wasn’t expecting. There are some clips thrown in the mix just out of humor. Don’t take offense, it was for the sake of fun. The following footage consists of everything that was thrown down in rather subsequent order that lead up to the finale of the BT contest. Neil Diskin’s name is spelled wrong in the edit so apologies for that” – David Toro. See the previous photos and edit from the box jam here.

One Day NY: The Beasts!

February 15, 2011

“As of lately, I’ve been on a overall mission to get rid of all my footage before the summer starts. The following clips are a mixture of very recent material or footage that has been shot within the past three years. We started ODNY really small with just a handful of local skaters in Queens, NY and have had the pleasure of expanding the crew and friends beyond the scope of our own city. While we continue to grow in very tiny increments, this edit is for everyone who has supported us from day one. If we’ve filmed with you before and have yet to see any of your footage in our edits, don’t worry you shall see your stuff soon. We have much bigger plans in stored for the summer like a new more user friendly site and possibly our first very own video production. Stay tuned” – ODNY.

OD Maloof Queens, New York!

January 10, 2011

“The following clips were captured over the summer in the first opening weeks of the new maloof skate plaza located in flushing meadows corona park. Stay tuned hoes. Featuring fam from all over NYC: Jordan Baez, Carlos Montenegro, Dave Ngo, Joe Dedentro, Michael Valenzuela, Sean Grossman, Angelo Ferrera, Trevor Johnson, John Stephens, and Alex Nunez” – David Toro.

OD Crew: Carlos Montenegro

November 9, 2010

“Close friend of mine Carlos Montenegro has been down w/ the movement since day one and out of everyone I’ve dealt with, he has been the most patient and motivated when it comes to building and gathering material. Although the edit may or may not do him justice, anyone who has seen homie skate in person undoubtedly knows what he’s capable of. More to come soon. Hope you enjoy” – David Toro.

ODNY Last Man Standing 2010 Edit + Website Drop!

October 25, 2010

“Long overdue like many things but it’s here. It was a very live comp. Thanks to Victor Callender for putting something like that together. Additional thanks goes out to Htat Lin Htut, and Chris Cofer for additional angles/equipment! View part 1” – David Toro.

Check out the new One Day New York website featuring photos from the ODNY crew and a future online store.

Brian “Cozmik” Scott Memorial Photos

October 12, 2010

One year to the date NYC lost one of it’s upcoming stars, Brian “Cozmik” Scott Jr. These photos were taken the night of and following day of his tragic lost. All photos by David Toro. See the rest below. (more…)

Cool’n Out in NY: Alex Ryerson

June 25, 2010

ODNY drops another dope edit featuring team rider Alex Ryerson skating Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Filmed and edited by David Toro. “Alex Ryerson from Brooklyn, NY keeps the clips rolling w/ more previews. The following was filmed over a two day weekend featuring spots in both Brooklyn and Queens. Official OD Crew shall be dropped with the opening of the site in the upcoming weeks” – David Toro.

Cali to NYC

June 20, 2010

Erick Rodriguez made the trip from California to NYC last week and got to skate some of our city’s local spots in Queens, NY. The edit features skating from Sam Williams, Ryan Many, Erick Rodriguez, and Alex Nunez. Filmed by David Toro, Cesar Macay, Erick Rodriguez, and Ryan Many. Edited by Erick Rodriguez.