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Jordan Baez New York Shitty

November 27, 2012

“The clips used in this video were suppose to be for an upcoming New York City video by Sean Grossman called Big Apple Blade” – Jordan Baez.

Joaquin Fletcher All Black Everything

November 26, 2012

“Throwaway footage from Coleman Skatepark.”

Alex Ryseron Thankful For Tryptophan

November 23, 2012

Shot by: Christian Delfino, Ryan Many, Joey Scanella, and Sean Agoliati.

Happy Bladesgiving

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Keeping the tradition alive, I Roll NY gives thanks to all the family and friends that view the website daily, by creating a wallpaper for your computer and now your iPad and iPhone. Check out the previous wallpapers created by I Roll NY. iPad and iPhone wallpapers below.


Joey Lunger Park Diddy

November 21, 2012

Filmed and edited by Zeke Kubinski. Shot at Astoria skatepark.

Mike Lilly For Adapt

November 19, 2012

Mike Lilly rides the new Harmanus One White. Shot in New York. Filmed/Edited by Kyle Walling.

Oil City Wednesday Night Session Photos

November 14, 2012

Jon Gillen – Negative Citric Top Acid.

When Summer dies down and winter arises Oil City skate park is the place to be on Wednesday nights. Before the park was damaged by hurricane Sandy, we managed to get a ton of clips and pics from the Wednesday night sessions. Check out all the photos featuring Alex Ryerson, Angelo Ferrer, Angelo Morales, Danny Figgz, Erick Rodriguez, Franco Cammayo, Jake Rodriguez, James Perez, Jesus Medina, Jon Gillen, Jordan Baez, Moronie, Ryan Many, Sebastian Michalski, and Steven Perez. All photos by I Roll NY staff.

Anthony Lee Let Us Cater Your Party 2007

November 12, 2012

“Filmed in about a week in 2007.”

Vince Gregory Summer & Fall Edit

November 8, 2012

“Vince Gregory is 16 years old.He lives in Buffalo,New York representing the young kids out there doing there grind.All of his tricks are bangers.He is out there.Filming was very difficult due to rain,wind,snow etc.We both worked really hard. Filmed / Edited By: Austin Martinelli.”

CJ Wellsmore Seba Tour USA

November 5, 2012

After few days in Paris and few days in Moscow, here we go to NYC ! (CJ Wellsmore, Miriam & myself (Anthony Finocchiaro ) We went there for 3 reasons, the first one was the New York Battle (B.Oneil invitational), the second was to make some pictures in this awesome city and the third one was to test the latest prototypes of CJ promodel street skates. It was a long time since I came here, and I was still amazed by the city which never sleeps. CJ is not a “Broadway movie star”, but as soon as we started walking in the main streets, we were approached by a guy “Hey ! CJ Wellsmore !!??” and this happened few times during our trip ! Weird !