ODNYE: Evotek Best Trick Contest

“Evotek crew was awesome enough to sponsor the best trick contest at the New Year’s Eve skate jam this past year by giving away $100 of their own personal money. Drink, skate, have the best time, and win a $100 just by doing what already comes natural to you? Dope. Truly a fun filled event that even I myself wasn’t expecting. There are some clips thrown in the mix just out of humor. Don’t take offense, it was for the sake of fun. The following footage consists of everything that was thrown down in rather subsequent order that lead up to the finale of the BT contest. Neil Diskin’s name is spelled wrong in the edit so apologies for that” – David Toro. See the previous photos and edit from the box jam here.

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5 Responses to “ODNYE: Evotek Best Trick Contest”

  1. Ray Mendez Says:



    Thanks for being there, seeing & showing us that…

  2. davengo Says:

    that was awesome! great filming and james killed that shit.

  3. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    James Perez is off the chainnnn

  4. jake Says:

    dope stuff!!! whats the name of the track doh

  5. Will J Says:

    I wasn’t even there and I was yelling like that sh*t was live! James and Evan FTW!

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