New Years Eve Roll and Rage Best Trick Edit + Photos from Evotek Media

The EvoTek Media Group held a $100 best trick contest the night of the Roll and Rage new years eve party. A lot of big tricks went down leaving two NYC skaters in a one on one battle. James Perez and Evan Grimball went trick for trick where only one came out victorious. Check the edit up top to see some of the night’s events along with the battle. Photographer Christen Cofer also caught a few a photos of the party/battle. Check them out below.

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12 Responses to “New Years Eve Roll and Rage Best Trick Edit + Photos from Evotek Media”

  1. Says:


  2. Ray Mendez Says:

    That was good Fun… Congrats Mr. Perez.

    Thanks again to all who came out & supported…

    Super Thanks to the Evotek crew for sponsoring the Best Trick Session,

    for being leaders & always supporting the NYC skate scene.

    We got voted best scene of 2010… Just watch what we do in 2011…!

  3. evan g Says:

    haha i was supperrrr chopped

  4. Derek Carr Says:

    that was sick..def two of Ny’s best up and coming hands down

  5. larsen Says:

    yo jamez is my niggas everyone in that video went it yo jamez is a beast keep it up son
    NEw yOrk has the best skaters around and everyone knows that

  6. AustinCroteau Says:

    Funny thing is i really won. 630 back pud.

  7. David Toro Says:

    hahahah AHHHHHHH. Dope stuff! Definitely a great time!

  8. kelly buttaz! Says:

    I was so wrecked by the end of the night, I drank like 6 different liquors that night.totally regreted that party, but if there’s any night to do it and be proud of ur hangover, New Years is the night! I brought my skateboarder friend Ed from my hometown of Hoboken and he loved the skating, he was sooped and we were all trashed! The train ride all the way back to nj was insane! Thanks Ray and all my peeps! Love u guys!

  9. kelly buttaz! Says:

    Totally regret that PART. Not PARTY! Lol

  10. roll®bladeA Says:

    Haha Kelly what up!!!! Totally regret that part, lol.

  11. New Years Eve Roll and Rage Best Trick Edit by Evotek Media | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] see the full coverage over at IRollNY […]

  12. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    that was fun

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