USD X I Roll NY Top Contenders

The USD X I Roll NY online contest has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who submitted their edit for entry. There are six top contenders for the prizes provided by USD and I Roll NY. Each edit will be posted daily and you, the site viewers, will have a chance to chime in and persuade the judges with your thoughts on who should win. Final judging is left to I Roll NY and USD. The six top contenders are Mikey Roman, Connor Kenrick, Jordan Baez, Lonnie Pearson, Joseph Lunger, and Sam DeAngelis. Stay tuned to see the entries!

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10 Responses to “USD X I Roll NY Top Contenders”

  1. wowzers Says:

    so lonnie won a job at the sanatation for crappy style?

  2. J.Perez Says:

    Its sad in your attempt to talk crap you misspell Sanitation…. Have some Toilet Paper for the shit coming outta your mouth.

  3. Dan Fabiano Says:

    Wish I knew about this. I would have submitted an edit or two..


  4. irollny Says:

    Ah man. The contest started January 16th and I’ve been whoring it ever since haha. Maybe we can setup a scribe/conartist contest in the future?

  5. joaquin Says:

    Ok Lonnie I see ya bruh ,Jordan, Mikey,Sam good shit

  6. evan g Says:

    jordan doesnt even ride usds!

  7. Sam DeAngelis Says:

    i Roll NY

  8. los Says:

    evan u didnt need usds to enter this y did everyone think that smh

  9. mikeyroman Says:

    usd, irollny ❤

  10. franco comayo Says:

    OH YES!

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