Valo Maneuver Monday’s with Austin Paz & James Perez

June 22, 2015

“Maneuver Monday’s with Austin Paz and James Perez NYC” – Valo Brand.


June 14, 2015

Featuring Kyle Sola, Augusto Castillo, Nate Moore, Sean Miller, Eddie Chung, Mike Torres, Ian Copp, and Edwin Rodriguez.

Austin Croteau Mini Profile

June 5, 2015

Mini profile of Austin Croteau. Filmed and edited by Joey Scannella.


May 27, 2015

Featuring Osbel Velez, Jordan Baez, John Dorio, Chris Santiago, Kevin Cintron, Arismendy Canela, Hector Rodriguez, Pablo Munoz, Robbie Pitts, James Perez, Christian Brito, Sean Grossman, Neal Acosta, and Troy Hanner. Filmed and edited by Antonio Lassalle.

90’s #sensualboys2K15

May 26, 2015

Featuring Augusto Castillo and Pablo Porta. “Grab your bae, grab your drank, and prepare yourself for a wave of emotions as Augusto and Pablo take you through the sultry streets of New York City” – 90’s.

Kristopher Craig 2015

May 12, 2015

Featuring Kristopher Craig. Filmed and edited by Antonio Lassalle. Check out the TeamSesh page.

Best Trick Competition Saturday May 9th

May 8, 2015


Date: Saturday May 9th, 2015.
Time: 12:00PM.
Location: 12th Street and Avenue D.
Entrance Fee: $5 to compete.
Train Directions: L train to 14th street and 1st avenue

Pablo Munoz 2015 Section

April 26, 2015

“Hello there everyone. I’m Pablo Munoz and i’m 19 years young from NYC, I started filming for this during the winter and throughout most of early spring and it has been the best time. I know I promised May 1st but I was able to exceed expectations so heres an early release. I hope you guys can enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together and help share this. HUGE Thanks to my camera operating buddies, Two really close friends, Angel Ramirez and Abel Castro along with the others who helped me film a clip or two like Osbel Velez, The homie Ray from cali, Tim Franken, Chris Calkins, Steve Nichols, Sam De Angeles, Keith Hubbard, Christian Brito, and My homie Tripod.
Another Thanks to Angel Ramirez for sitting with me through the editing process and helping me with a few things that I didn’t know how to do. Also a huge thanks to my sponsors: Lux Armor, Beyond The Ledge, Blader Nation, and Oakcity inline skateshop. you guys always help get me out to competitions, keep me with fresh gear on my back, bless me with so much and trust me I truly am grateful for everything. Well, Stay tuned till the next project!” – Pablo Munoz.

Jalheads 2015 WNS At Oil City

April 20, 2015

“We had a rough winter in NY this year. Luckily Oil City added a few new “blader friendly” obstacles that made the park 100x better than it was. Needless to say, because of the shitty weather, rollerbladers from all over the tri-state area came out every Wednesday night to blade the park. This is the end result. Thanks to everyone who helped film this piece!” – Sean Grossman. Featuring in order of appearance Chris Dejesus, Zach Anthony, Anthony Marasa, Tokin, Steve Nichols, Zen Grossman, Jal Zaso, Antonio Lassalle, Jordan Baez, Ian Copp, Ozzy Velez, Kris Craig, Mikey Roman, Jesse McEneaney, Phil Weaver, Taylor Kobryn, Tyler Knight, Anthony Marchione, James Kobryn, Frankie Spears, John Doez (Chubbz), Austin Croteau, Camo_Flee, Joey Scannella, Jay Steez, Andy Crack, Ado, Austin Sullivan, Shane Mcgrane, Hector Gonzalez, Mike Torres, Kevin Lebron, Shawn Gradilone, Christie Toledo, Trevor Johnson, Bobby Reichel, Jay Philly, Austin Paz, Chauncey Jenkins, & Sebastian Michalski.

Deals: Homies

April 16, 2015

Homies section from Deals. Featuring Ryan Rasmussen, Ariel Surun, Kyle Sola, Hector Gonzalez, Geoff Levy, Justin Brasco, Sal Zaso, Robert Guerrero, Augusto Castillo, Sean Grossman, Nate Moore, Matthias St. John, and Robbie Pitts. Main Camera – Christian Delfino. Cut – Christian Delfino w/ help from Alex Ryerson & Tadd Labozzetta. Super 8 Footage – Nate Moore. Additional Camera – Sean Grossman + Alex Ryerson + Nate Moore + Tadd Labozzetta + Cory Cross + Justin Marquis + Joey Scannellan.


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