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New Red Hook Skatepark Announced

October 2, 2018

Photo Rendering: Department of Parks and Recreation

NYC’s Department of Parks and Recreation announced yesterday that they will be proceeding with building a new skatepark in Harold Ickes Playground located in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. Although the building of the new park has been officiated, the completion date of the park is said to be in 2021 according to the Brooklyn Paper website.


“New renderings show the heart of the .7–acre, asphalt park will be filled with a cornucopia of skateboarding stuff, including a bowl, two quarter pipes, and grind rails, along with other built-in components including a slappy curb, hubba ledge, manual pad, Euro gap, and twinke roller.” – Brooklyn Paper.



New Ledges at Thomas Greene Skatepark in Brooklyn

April 28, 2011

See the previous coverage of the Thomas Greene skatepark here. “The Thomas Greene Playground Skate Spot is a small scale specialty design / build project. The project includes the addition of three skate features including a custom radius and kinked ledges, and a manual pad. Located on an exisiting basketball court, the facility can be utilized by multiple sporting disciplines. This project is a colaboration between CA skateparks, Friends of Douglas / Greene Park, and Open Road of New York as well as having received generous support from the Tony Hawk Foundation and yours truly” – California Skateparks. Thanks to Angelo Ferrer for the info.

New Skatepark Being Built in Brooklyn, NY

June 19, 2010

The Thomas Greene park on 3rd avenue in Brooklyn, NY is now home to a select amount of skate obstacles that will eventually be converted to a full fledged skatepark according to The Brooklyn Paper website. The Brooklyn Paper states, “…A spokesman for the Parks Department said that the design for the full renovations [of the park] will be completed in July, 2010, and construction will begin in Spring, 2011…Fortunately, a more comprehensive skate park will likely be built when the park gets its full facelift.” So expect to see another skatepark next year but in the meantime you can see more photos of the available obstacles on the Friends of Douglass Greene Park facebook page.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #21

May 5, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. features Brooklyn, NY’s James Perez skating the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, the Chinatown area of Manhattan, and the Flushing Meadows area of Queens, NY. A lot of dope lines and tech tricks are featured in this Clip of the Week so check it out! Filmed by Dave Ngo and Craig Benabu. Edited by Dave Ngo.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #20

April 28, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by Joey Rojas of Brooklyn, NY featuring skating from Angelo Morales at the Redhook ledge and Sunset ledges in Brooklyn, NY. “Filmed on Friday April 23, 2010. There was way too much traffic to get to the Tri-State Skate session so we filmed in Brooklyn” – Joey Rojas.

Josh Diaz ONE Photo Journal #5

April 22, 2010

Click to enlarge

Josh Diaz of Psyko Clothing publishes his fifth photo journal on ONE Magazine’s website featuring Dave Ngo at the Redhook ledge in Brooklyn, NY. “Well, it was our first day of spring here in New York, and after fabulous weather during the week, me, Jose Disla, Jon Ortiz, Dave, and a few other New York rollers came out to roll at the Red Hook ledge, which by far is one of the best ledges Brooklyn has to offer. After the guys had been tearing it up for about an hour, I decided to take off my blades and set up my gear. It’d been a few months since I’d shot any photos, and for this I was using the oldest of the old — a Nikon d1 that my wife got for me. Just know that this thing was old… about 10 years old. It was the most difficult thing to get used to. But I made it work out. This is the shot that I love the most from the spot, and I hope you all enjoy it. I should be getting my camera back from the shop soon, so thank god, and my wife. I will be out in Santee in the middle of May, so I’ll see you guys on the West Coast soon” – Josh Diaz.


Brooklyn Winter Edit

February 25, 2010

“When making this edit, I wanted to show that the Brooklyn scene is still alive and more skaters like Almog Maman and Vincent Mcconney are coming up. Also we got couple of OG’s like Polish Mike and Adam Maman still skating hard even though they’ve got busy lives. Yannes Sootes is back and skating in full force as you can see in this edit. Brooklyn is not dead!” – John Alcantra.

James Perez Short Brooklyn Edit

December 5, 2009

Brooklyn, NY’s James Perez gets it in with this short edit. Even though he gets “folded” in the beginning of the edit he laces a ton of smooth tricks and tech switch ups at the Ocean Parkway rails in Brooklyn. See a small sample of James Perez’s steez above. Filmed and edited by Derek Carr.

Psyko Clothing Black Friday Sale

December 2, 2009

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Psyko Clothing is celebrating Black Friday a week later than usual and is having an office sale on all their new products this Friday December, 4th. The office located in Brooklyn, NY. Take the G train to Myrtle-Willoughby Aves Station and walk to 141 Spencer street. Walking directions from the train station here via google maps. If you can’t make it out Friday, Psyko is also doing an online holiday sale. Visit the Psyko Online Shop and use the code “xmasdeal” for 50% off your purchase.

Lets Roll NY Session in Brooklyn Tomorrow!

November 27, 2009

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Time to work off those extra pounds we put on yesterday and session in Brooklyn, NY’s one and only skate park tomorrow. LRNY is taking place tomorrow at 2:00PM in Owl’s Head park at the Millennium skate park A helmet is most likely required to skate the park so don’t forget yours. Take the R train to Bayridge Avenue and walk to the park. More information and directions on the above flyer and below.

Directions to the park via the MTA and car here.

Walking directions from the train to the park here.