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Carant Consulting X I Roll NY $1,000 Online Edit Contest

July 29, 2020


We’ve teamed up with Carant Consulting, the leaders in merchant processing, to bring you an online edit contest! The best 30 second edit will win $1,000! See the rules below to find out how you can enter and win.

Baby Shoe

July 9, 2018


We spent an hour with Sebastian Michalski at the Canarsie skatepark in Brooklyn, NY.

A Hater’s Point Of View: Slomo

June 25, 2014

I, like many of you, was introduced to Slomo about two months ago. Which in the social media world equates to about five years. Remember #saveourgirls? Yeah, exactly! Actually, I can pin point the date I finally gave in and watched this video, because I tweeted my hatred for it immediately. The date was April 2, 2014. One day after April Fool’s day, which was highly convenient as I felt like I got duped for giving into the rollerblading hype about this documentary. You might be asking yourself, “Why are you writing an article about a video that everyone has forgotten about already?” Well, because I finally got a chance to finish writing this shit and I’m such a self centered asshole that I feel like people just have to read my work.

The New York City Blader Diet

April 28, 2014

As a New York City rollerblader, there are certain stigmas that we’re supposed to live up to. Baggy Evisu jeans, durags, and floppy TRS’s are still a part of our reputation according to the popularized West Coast scene who are only now exploring the depths of Brooklyn because their fellow white kin folk have gentrified the once dangerous areas as of late. As much bullshit as the above mentioned stigma is, there’s one piece of our reputation that we can still live up to…proudly. We know the best places to get our grub on. The I Roll NY staff put together a list of the most common food and beverage choices of a New York City rollerblader. So the next time you hear the dreaded, “Where can I get some awesome New York pizza bro?” question from some out of state blader, you can just link them to this article. We understand that the struggle is real and we’re here to help you survive your day of blading for under $5.00.

Slickest Blader Competition Edit

March 10, 2013

First competition of 2013 went down last night at Oil City skatepark. Filmed the semi finals and finals. Apologies to any competitors that I missed while filming. Hope you enjoy the quick quality coverage. Filmed and edited by Jerry Shepardini.

Full results and Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

USD X I Roll NY Session

January 15, 2013

Before the second annual NYC Invitational went down, the USD pro team and I Roll NY teamed up to throw a session with the pros for the local New York City bladers at Pier 62 skatepark. Featuring: Jeff Dalnas, Demetrios George, and Nick Lomax. Filmed / Edited by: Craig Benabu.

Isn’t It Funny? Falling and You!

May 8, 2012

Isn’t it funny? How you always whined up hearing about friends, family, and idiots in general breaking bones, tearing ligaments, and generally eating shit on the stupidest of things? You’ll hear something like, “Your cousin Susie,” or “Guadalupe” if you’re Hispanic, (Don’t worry, it’s cool. I’m Puerto Rican. I can be stereo typical…or at least that’s what the assholes I skate with tell me.) “…She just broke her back in 10 different places walking down 3 stairs. Ay dios mio!” And you’re all like, “What the fuck? I just jumped 20 stairs, and all I got were these scratches on my palms.” Side note: That quote might be pretty awesome on a tee.

Support Rollerblading on Twitter!

April 14, 2010

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For all you tweeple out there check out the rollerblading twibbon that I Roll NY created. A twibbon is a great way to support any cause that you’d like to be apart of so now you have a chance to proudly display your love for rollerblading. Add the rollerblading twibbon to your twitter profile here. Daniel Kinney, Brian Krans, Tri-State Skate and many more people have joined already. Support rollerblading through the I Roll NY twibbon. Whether you’re from New York or outside of the U.S. show the twitter world your love for rollerblading.

Angelo Ferrer Premieres “Art of Rolling” Zine

March 7, 2009

Photo: Craig Benabu

Yesterday in the New York City industry meeting post, I mentioned that photographer Angelo Ferrer is working on creating a new magazine and last night he released it online for FREE! The first issue of the “Art of Rolling” zine features a ton of pictures of NYC’s finest rollerbladers that Angelo took personally. “Me and my girl have started a free rollerblading zine that is dedicated to New York City skating. This zine is in black and white and free for all the skaters who wish to view the Art of Rolling. We are currently out of stock of our first issue, which was given to rollerbladers in NYC. To check out the online PDF visit There will be future issues monthly, so be sure to look for the next issue next month. Thank You all of the skaters who participated in this issue!” – Angelo. I got my hands on their magazine Wednesday night and it’s definitly worth the 2 seconds it takes to download. Angelo and his wife are taking the right steps to help expose the talent of New York City and now they’re asking you to be apart of it.

This is your chance to get your face and name out to the world! If you’ve always wanted to have your picture in a published magazine this is your opportunity! Contact Angelo at for more information!