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NYC Weekly Deals: Don’t Sit On Bleachers

December 7, 2012

The Perez brothers got themselves a DSLR so we decided to test it out and learn the ropes at a near by Brooklyn spot over the course of an hour before the fog and rain hit. Featuring James Perez. Filmed by Steven Perez and Gordon Bombay. Edited by Gordon Bombay.

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NYC Weekly Deals: Along The Way

September 12, 2012

One night in New York City. Featuring: Jay Greendyk, James Perez, Steven Perez, and Adonis Taylor as he returns from his clavicle injury. Join us as we cruise our city’s streets and see the events and people we meet…Along the way.

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NYC Weekly Deals: Keeping Up With Trends

August 2, 2012

Afternoon session at Coleman and Marble. Featuring: Daniel Irizarry, Steven Perez, James Perez, Damian Michalski, Dre Morales, Austin Croteau, and Kunga Ng. Filmed / Edited by Tom Brews. Youtube / Mobile link after the jump.

NYC Weekly Deals: Ticky Tacky Box Session

April 29, 2012

Featuring Sebastian Michalski, Franco Cammayo, and Sasha Sergieiev. Filmed / Edited by Tom Brews. Youtube link after the jump.


April 15, 2012

Take a look at all the hits, the misses, and all the in-betweens while filming a typical NYC session. Featuring Sean Grossman, Kunga Ng, Malik Ashby, Nick Riggle, Jesus Medina, and more.

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NYC Weekly Deals: Game of I Suck!

March 14, 2012

Two of Brooklyn’s best bladers play a friendly game of BLADE with a twist. Sebastian Michalski and James Perez are two equally talented bladers who are too modest and respectful of one another to ever play a game of BLADE on their own. So I did what no one else would do and forced them! Check out the 13 minute battle where both bladers go letter for letter and push one another to learn new tricks during the battle. Find out who comes out victorious and who’s forced to say “I Suck!” Youtube link after the jump.

NYC Weekly Deals

February 29, 2012

While wrapping up filming with Jesus Medina for an upcoming Pier 25 edit, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz, Ruben Perez, and more bladers joined in on the session as we made our way out the park. We went to the “Monkey Ledges” before getting kicked out and went to a nearby rail that Jash led us to. Check out the clips I managed to get from one of the many weekly sessions that go down in New York City. Featuring in order of appearance: Jesus Medina, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz and Ruben Perez. Youtube link after the jump. Filmed and edited by Robert Paulson.