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Jeff Scott 2012 Profile

August 23, 2012

“Heres a Profile of my good friend Jeff Scott from Astoria, NY. This is his first full section since 2004. Mostly shot on an Hvx200, fisheye footage is from a t2i and 7D. Additional filming by Bobby Reichel and Mikey Roman. Track by The Smiths” – Sean Grossman.

Jorge Nolasco Summer 2012 Edit

August 21, 2012

Check out Jorge Nolasco’s Summer edit. A lot of diverse skating in the mix. Filmed and edited by Alex Figueroa.

Big Apple Blade Teaser

August 18, 2012

“Here’s the first teaser for my video Big Apple Blade. The idea for this video came about after I was taken on Sam Deangelis’ Escape from New York Tour. On tour I befriended some skaters I never really got to know and had an idea of an edit I wanted to film including them. With my new camera/fisheye and pretty much dedicating my whole summer to filming, the edit then turned into a video, and I wanted to give New York a better look and showcase some hidden talents. The skating in this video should speak for itself and everyone is busting their ass for it. Featuring Myself (Sean Grossman), Shawn Gradilone, Chris Murphy, & Chauncey Jenkins. Also skating by Bobby Reichel, Anthony Soto, Sal Zaso, Jeff Scott, Ryan Many, Jordan Baez, and MANY MORE….Sponsored By Tri-State Skate shop and Stay Tuned” – Sean Grossman.

Seaport Ledge Session Photos

August 17, 2012

Sebastian Michalski – Alleyoop Topsoul

Tuesday night we went out on a late night skate session. We started in Brooklyn and made our way into the city. We ended up at the seaport ledges where most of the ledges have now been capped except for one located right in front of the security booth. We got some photos in before getting kicked out, of course. Featuring Sebastian Michalski, Damian Michalski, and Dave Ngo. (more…)

City Slickaz Weekly 3

August 14, 2012

Featuring Jesus Medina, Nigel HoSang, Dillin Eric, Joey Lunger, Jeffrey Mateo, George Davis, Jay Bee, John Dorio, Quang Trinh, Ulises Luque, Sean Grossman, and Travis Diaz.

Official 2012 L.E.S. Box Jam Edit

August 9, 2012

On Saturday August 4th, 2012 we had a box jam in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan. A lot of kids came out to show their support and hang out with old and new friends. I picked up on a very relaxed vibe as soon as I got there and knew that this comp/jam would be different than any other in NYC so I decided to film it differently than the others. I decided to film the day’s events in a more documentary style. Shooting a lot of b-roll and doing small interviews with people in attendance. Check out all the tricks that went down at 2012 L.E.S. Box Jam.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

One Day Around The City

August 6, 2012

One day edit around the city. Featuring Steven Sin, Jesus, Luis Blank, Jeremy Santana, and Daniel Stewart. Filming / Editing by Jeremy Santana.

Box Jam Results

August 5, 2012

First Place: Brent Scherer

Second Place: Ramelle Knight

Third Place: James Perez

Best Trick: Steven Sin (Topsoul on the box to transfer topsoul on the curved ledge 180 out)

NYC Weekly Deals: Keeping Up With Trends

August 2, 2012

Afternoon session at Coleman and Marble. Featuring: Daniel Irizarry, Steven Perez, James Perez, Damian Michalski, Dre Morales, Austin Croteau, and Kunga Ng. Filmed / Edited by Tom Brews. Youtube / Mobile link after the jump.