Remembering Brian Scott

This page is dedicated to Brian “Cozmik” Scott. A Brooklyn, NY skater and friend who was killed before his time. Brian was a good kid who was gaining exposure in our scene in a very rapid pace. Below are a few links to articles about Brian’s tragic passing and articles that show how truly gifted and friendly Brian was. Though we are destined to move on, I hope this page allows everyone to remember Brian at his best. He will always be missed but never forgotten and this dedicated page will make sure of that. If you have anything you’d like to add that will help remember Cozmik, leave it as a comment. Thank you.

Memorial Session photos

Brian Scott Memorial Session on NY1

Finger Skates dedicated to Brian Scott

Memorial session held for Brian Scott

One Magazine Brian Scott Article By: Angelo Ferrer

Rollernews Article

A Personal Remembrance of Brian Scott

Rest In Peace Brian “Cozmik” Scott

Evotek Media’s Article

Newsday Article

Daily News Article

New York Post Article

New York Times Article

The Huffington Post Article

New York One Article

News 12 Article

Fox Five Article

WPIX Article

Video montage created of Brian Scott’s news reports

14 Responses to “Remembering Brian Scott”

  1. henry Says:

    r.i.p cozmic. if he was still alive things will be different there will be more smily faces and less crying

  2. Lil Montre Says:

    Ima miss him

  3. Layla Q. Says:

    No words could describe the shock that this has given all of us. I can only offer one comment and that is that I’m so happy that everyone around new york city is recognizing Brian for who he was and what he stood for. He doesn’t just go down the line of the many poor souls that got taken away due to violence, but he gets lifted up to recognition for who he truly was. RIP Brian.

  4. Nick Says:

    Skate In Peace Cozmik, You will be missed and never forgotten . . .

  5. lil m Says:

    dont worry son we will me meet you up their one of these days just keep rolling son try to find your self some ledges over their R.I.P.

  6. Almog Says:

    Damn, i never really knew you that well, but i skated with you a few times before.. really fucked up what happened =/
    R.I.P man.

  7. tommy2much Says:

    skate on. grind hard.

  8. Gabe Molina Says:

    I didn’t really know him personally but i knew of him and of his up and coming success. Its really sad that unfortunate things like this happen (especially to those who don’t deserve it). I skated with him a few times and the biggest thing that stood out to me was his smile. It was like he had a glow around him that made everyone just want to have fun and enjoy themselves. He had a lot of heart when it came to his skating. He will most definitely be missed by every roller that knew him and I’m positive that his passing on will and have touched many hearts that have heard about this recent tragedy. But you can best believe that he will NEVER be forgotten. Life is really short and unexpected twists and turns happen all the time to everyone and anyone, so live life to the absolute fullest because you never know when its your time. I give my condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. R.I.P Brian “COZMIK” Scott. Hopefully when we see you again, you can show us all the good skate spots up in heaven……..

  9. flava Says:

    Its wack how things happend but thats life i guess we have to try living knowing that one of our skaters are gone but nver to be forgotten..R.I.P much love..Skate in peace

  10. jay bee Says:

    i think i am in more shock than anybody cause i was on the boat when i found out (military) that was my nigga for real skate in peace and save me a spot up there

  11. mark cotal Says:

    rest in peace have a skate park up there ready for all of us



  12. LilRay Says:

    Its Crazy How He Passed He Was Young And Tallented Frien Of All Of Us “RIP COZMIK”

  13. lil'eli Says:

    i just started bladin and i was watching clips of this kid when i came across a video that said rollerblader killed when i clicked th video it was cosmik ama miss those nice tricks he new how to represent nyc r.i.p my g we all know you sakting upsatirs

  14. raheem hassab Says:

    Hey wat up man when you up there look for my grandmother show her some trick she love

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