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iMagyne That “Never Left Nowhere” Edit

September 30, 2009

Returning from the premiere of their first DVD, Extra Credit, The Imagyne crew hits I Roll NY with another teaser edit. It seems as if there was a bit of confusion going on and as response Joseph Perez responded with this cool edit. Sean Grossman’s opening lines are edited like the previous KFC videos which brings some nostalgia. The edit also includes team riders, Lonnie Peterson, Pat Irwin, and others. “For all of them strictly haters that felt some type of relief on friday when i posted me disbanding my team, what i really meant to say was i was disbanding my team on socom. so for all those who hit me up with negative in your face type stuff. go back to frowning because we never went nowhere. this will be my last edit with my panasonic dvx100b because ive found a better much more quality friendly camera that i would like to present my fellow fans with. cant we all just …. get along” – Joseph Perez. Get the full story at the Imagyne That site.

Battle at Brick City: SMRSC 5 This Saturday

September 30, 2009

SMRSC-V-New-Flyer-5Click to enlarge

This Saturday is the Battle at Brick City in Newark, NJ. Everyone should go out and show their support because a ton of NJ heads came down to NYC to support our Last Man Standing competition. Lets show them love in return and keep our East Coast strong and united. We all have to represent and show them how we do it in New York. This competition is for the new and upcoming talent so make sure to be there and get yourself the respect and media exposure you deserve. Get all the info you need at the flyer above and at the Street Mechanics Apparel site.

I know I wouldn’t mind seeing a NYC skater taking first place at an NJ comp!

New B Unique Website and Unseen Products

September 29, 2009


A lot of people have been questioning the current status of B Unique, and with it’s known site (the one previously linked to on I Roll NY) being shut down it seemed as if the company vanished over night. I contacted Brian Perry, aka Lord Brian, to get a status update but nothing was confirmed or denied. Doing a little research of my own I found that B Unique currently has a new site up and running. The new site, showcases the latest B Unique line, unseen products, contact info, and a mission statement. “b.unique and company is a lifestyle brand that takes pride in designing as globally conscious and free spirtied as the individual today…our mission is to immerse ourselves with the air of cultural independence by surrounding ourselves with forward thinking individuals who reflect this same progression like I Roll NY” – B Unique.

might have added the last word or two

Frequencey Apparel “The Intro”

September 28, 2009

“First official edit from Freque Apparel featuring the talents of the Frequency Apparel team. Introducing Damian Michalski, Narong My, Mike Terrazas,Derek Carr, and Chad Caroselli. More projects to come in the near future. Big shout out to the team for throwing down these clips when they had to, looking forward to future projects with All of you guys” – Derek Carr.

Dave Lang Hackettstown Skatepark Edit

September 27, 2009
Photo: Cesar Macay

Dave Lang is a NYC local who made his appearance in our LMS competition and showed us his big tricks and hammers. This edit includes Dave and Wake Schepman skating the Hackettstown skatepark in New Jersey. Expect to see more of Dave in the future. Thanks to JB for the submission.

Vibralux Clever Online Video Available For Download

September 27, 2009

Click to view the video

“All right, all right, all right. You saw the online Vibralux edits, right? Well, AJ just hooked ya’ll up with this m4v version of all three edited together, and formatted for your iPods. Quality looks proper on Quicktime through the ‘puter and we can imagine it’ll look damn good on your 3″ LCD. Download and enjoy” — ONE.


Yannes Sootes and Sebastian Michalski Edit By: John Alcantra

September 26, 2009

This edit is over two years old and has very rarely been seen. Yannes Sootes and Sebastian Michalski were, and still are, one of the best skaters from the Brooklyn, NY area. You may say I’m partial due to me being born and raised in Brooklyn but if you take a close detailed look at the last trick in this edit you will be just as amazed as I was. Besides Yannes’ switch up at the end, he also pulls off a top acid on a chest high rail in Chinatown. Sebastian also pulls off some clean and smooth tricks that are just as impressive. Hoping Yannes and Sebastian will step back into the lime light, John Alcantra submits his edit to I Roll NY.

New Casualty Clothing

September 26, 2009

Click to view the Casualty site

Casualty clothing has released their full line of shirts, hoodies, tang tops, wallets, bandannas and beer cozies to all of the major online shops. Aggressivemall, eRolling, Revolution, Roller Warehouse, SDSF and New York local shop, Tri-State Skate are all carrying the Casualty line and making it easily available for you to order. Personally working with the Casualty crew for the I Roll NY tees, I got to see first hand their production and printing setup and it’s impressive to say the least. Matt and Joey, owners of Casualty, are all about quality and definitely have the means to serve the rollerblading community with great products. Go support your New York brands and get yourself some Casualty products.


Lets Roll NY Session 10 Announced!

September 25, 2009

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The tenth LRNY session has been announced! This week’s session will take place at the Marcus Garvey park tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00pm. Also known as Harlem Rails, the park features knee high rails surrounding one section of the park that’s perfect for doing lines. The Harlem Rails are great to try new tricks, switch ups, and get more comfortable on rails so if you’re just starting out or have been skating a few years this is the spot for you. Marcus Garvey is located on Madison avenue & 121st street. You can take the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and get off at 125 street. Meet up time is at 1:00pm. Second spot will be at the basketball courts on 135th street and 5th ave. Directions to Marcus Garvey from the train station via Google Maps. More info on the flyer up top.

The Art Of Storytelling Magazine Premiere Party Tomorrow

September 24, 2009

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The Art of Storytelling is a new publication dedicated to street culture and underground lifestyles such as ours. Their first issue features Jon Julio, which was posted on I Roll NY earlier last week. As it turns out, TAOST, has some deep roots in the rollerblading industry. Not to give too much away, A few people involved with TAOST have been involved with one of inline skating’s biggest magazine’s in the past. Tomorrow is the premiere party for their first issue and our rollerblading community needs to be represented correctly. This is a 21 and over event so if you’re of age you are obligated to come out and let The Art Of Storytelling know that our sport and community is strong and striving. Our massive presence will only lead to getting more exposure for our scene. Expect to see familiar past faces as this is the event to be at tomorrow night. Info is up top and at the The Art Of Storytelling Magazine website.