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Two Edits From the X-Dreams Comp Last Weekend

January 31, 2009

By Hawke Trackler

By the JMN crew

Last weekend Roc City Skate threw their Winter Jam contest featuring Adam Killgore, Montre Livingston, Jon Bolino, Alf, Colin Ward, Brian Arnold, Stefan Brandow and many others. If you’ve seen the Razor edit by Hawke Trackler check out the one below by the JMN crew.

Academy Bus Trip Edit By: Evotek Media Group

January 30, 2009

       HD quality here

Christen Cofer and Adonis Taylor of Evotek Meida provide us with a great edit covering Victor Callender’s Wheels In Motion trip to Academy skatepark. If you couldn’t make it to the trip Evotek gives you an inside scoop of what went down on the bus and some great rolling footage. If you were able to make it, see if you spot yourself in the footage. Filmed and edited by Christen Cofer with additonal filming by Adonis Taylor. Thanks guys.

Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva Box Edit

January 29, 2009

Check out this edit by Filip Olszewski featuring Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva killing Danny’s box before it was destroyed. Danny provides us with some words saying, “…we [Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva] actually started skating together that summer and I knew my box was going to be destroyed soon so I wanted to make a final edit. Nunez was down so we got two of my boys, Filip Olszewski and Dave Wohaup to film for us.” – Danny V

Ramelle Knight Online Interview with I Roll NY

January 28, 2009

Today I Roll NY presents our first online interview featuring Bronx, New York native Ramelle Knight. He gives us the inside scoop on the creation and future events of Dipskate, his rap persona Fetty, and the coining of the term Freestyle Rolling along with many other firsts. Always making his presence known, we provide Ramelle’s interview for you online in a convenient Flash format. Voice your opinions on our site by leaving us a comment. View the Ramelle Knight Interview here.

Winter Edit 08/09 By: Jeffrey Mateo

January 27, 2009

Jeff sends us another edit featuring many Bronx rollers hitting various spots around NYC. Rollers include, Jeffrey Mateo, Quang, Junior, Malik, Riley Hilsman, Chris, Ian, Nick, Lavell, Luigi, Julian, Joel and Dave Ngo. You may want to take notice of how the edit ends ; )

Evan G. Academy Skatepark edit from the Wheels In Motion Bus Trip

January 26, 2009

NYC’s own Evan G. provides a small edit of him skating the Academy Skatepark during the Wheels In Motion bus trip.

Picture Post from Wheels In Motion’s Academy Bus Trip

January 26, 2009

A big thanks to Victor Callender for holding and coordinating such a great event for all of New York’s rollers. Evotek Media Group’s, Christen “Kixx” Cofer, sends us some pictures from Saturday’s trip along with a breakdown of the trip. “…franco was the last to show up before we left at 1:30. On the way there we go lost due to bad directions. Took maybe 2 and 1/2 hours to get there. John Stephens was there with Evan G. before we got there followed shortly by Ramelle Knight, Hector Rodriguez, and Jason Swaby. Names that come to mind as far as who was there…John Stephens, Ramelle Knight, Will Sorto, Hector Rodriguez, Trevor Johnson, Courtney Brown, Alex Nunez, Franco Cammayo, Mikey Cancel, Hyper Mike, Ralphy Hererra.” – Kixx

the meet up.

Franco Cammayo and his pup.


Casey Geraghty Desh Flow HD Edit

January 25, 2009

Originally from Queens, New York Casey Geraghty has been killing it for years now. He has one of the smoothest styles and some of the most solid tricks I’ve seen. Click here for the HD quality version. Check out Casey’s first Deshi flow edit below.

Click here for the HD quality version.

Pro Session at Xtreme Wheels Skatepark Today!

January 24, 2009

If you couldn’t make it on the bus to Connecticut today for the Academy Skatepark session there is a big pro session being held at X-treme Skatepark today in Buffalo, NY. Riders include, “Montre Livingston, Jon bolino, Koliner, Alf, Adam Killgore, Brian Arnold, Erik Stokley, Grant, Dan Barnes, and more…” – Adam Killgore. They will be filming for their latest project, Park 2, beginning at 2pm so get your shine on. Information on Xtreme Wheels Skatepark on their Myspace.

Tomorrow Sunday January 25th X-Dreams Skatepark Comp

January 24, 2009

Roc City Skate presents a winter jam competition at X-Dreams Skatepark in Rochester, New York. Check out the flyer above for more information. Directions to X-Dreams here.