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The New York City Blader Diet

April 28, 2014

As a New York City rollerblader, there are certain stigmas that we’re supposed to live up to. Baggy Evisu jeans, durags, and floppy TRS’s are still a part of our reputation according to the popularized West Coast scene who are only now exploring the depths of Brooklyn because their fellow white kin folk have gentrified the once dangerous areas as of late. As much bullshit as the above mentioned stigma is, there’s one piece of our reputation that we can still live up to‚Ķproudly. We know the best places to get our grub on. The I Roll NY staff put together a list of the most common food and beverage choices of a New York City rollerblader. So the next time you hear the dreaded, “Where can I get some awesome New York pizza bro?” question from some out of state blader, you can just link them to this article. We understand that the struggle is real and we’re here to help you survive your day of blading for under $5.00.

BG.WORLDWIDE – New York City Trailer

April 9, 2014

Sebastian Michalski I Roll NY Online Profile

April 4, 2014

“Sebastian is always on time. He always has wax. He never complains about a spot and never snakes. He never boasts or asks for his clips, but thanks you for filming. He always buys from skate shops and always orders a t-shirt / video. He skates hard regardless of there being a camera present or not. He just blades. He wears blade shirts when he’s not skating. He has 100 pairs of AMall socks. Sebastian is always hyped to blade. He never looks for sponsors or expects free shit. He doesn’t care who you are or how good you can blade, he’s just glad to be with good company. Born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living in Staten Island, I Roll NY is pleased to present Sebastian Michalski’s first ever profile. Thanks for watching” – Dave Ngo.

Pablo Munoz & Austin Croteau Pier 25 Raw Clips

April 2, 2014

“Austin and I decided to take the camera out about an hour before the skate park was closing and started filming what was going to be a single clip of the day, but for some reason the clips didn’t stop. we then ended up at some ledges in the LES with Sal that was skating with us and also helped out with the camera and yea, we had fun and got clips” – Pablo Munoz.