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Joey Scannella 2011 Bayonne Edit

May 31, 2011

“The day started off at Perth Amboy skatepark, then from there we caught some Ralph’s Ices in SI then shot over the bayonne bridge to chill out n have some fun at the bayonne park. Then of course after bayonne we got a quick slice at Brothers, then called it a day” – Joey Scannella.

Before It’s Too Late – Mike Torres

May 30, 2011

“The past two years have been filled with blading, old friends, new friends, booze, babes, stoops, limousines, cacti, new cities, raging, nogrinding, airplanes, and filming. In these two years we’ve compiled quite a bit of footage. Some of it has been seen, most of it has not. So it’s about time we make an ongoing video series to get that footage out there, you know… Before It’s Too Late” – Mike Torres.

Sam DeAngelis Scribe Photographer Profile

May 29, 2011

“Scribe Industries presents a profile of our photographer/videographer and media assistant. Sam is usually stuck behind the cameras so he doesn’t get to skate or show his talents on his rollerblades as much as he would like. This is just a taste of what Sam was able to capture over the last year while other people picked up the camera while Sam was blading. Enjoy!” – Scribe Industries.

Valo in the Streets Session Photos

May 28, 2011

Group photo by Shardy Nieves.

Last weekend members of the Valo team held a session at the famous court house ledges in the downtown Manhattan area to film for their latest project Valo V. Although the rain kept the session to a minimum a lot of big tricks went down from both the Valo crew and local NYC skaters. See all the photos below. More photos from the session can be seen at ODNY also has three days of photos from the Valo crew. All photos below from Craig Benabu.

Tim Franken Scribe Edit + Article

May 27, 2011

“The New York City scene has recently lost an asset but at the same time the San Diego gained one. Born and raised in Belleville, NJ, Tim Franken has been blading for about eleven years. As a young athlete looking for new opportunities, Franken saw the chance to move out to California with his brother in order to pursue his real passion in life: Rollerblading” – Be-Mag.

This is Tim Franken’s Scribe Industries Online Profile and last tricks filmed in New York City. So I called Tim Franken up for an exclusive interview with Be-Mag. “I also moved because of the weather… Skating seven months a year indoors with terrible skate parks wasn’t working out when trying to pursue this as a career.” Franken then went on to explain how he has a strong love for New York City and New Jersey that this will never change. He simply wanted to expand his horizons and search for new opportunities. “New York City is always going to be my home. A place to go back to… Where I feel welcomed.” Read the rest of the article on Be-Mag.

Dominik Wagner I Roll NY Interview

May 26, 2011

German Remz pro Domink Wagner came down to New York City and spent three weeks here joining in on our local blade scene. He got to skate with us, hang out with us, and even live with one of our local photographers Shardy Nieves. I was able to meet up with Dominik and ask him some questions about his stay here along with the revival of the Chimera wheel company and his thoughts on the phrase “Euro Chucker.” Check out the I Roll NY Dominik Wagner interview here. Thanks to Shardy Nieves, Sam DeAngelis, and Adonis Taylor for providing the photos.

Valo “Doomsday” Street Session Mini Edit

May 25, 2011

Featuring Tadd Labozzetta, Alex Broskow, Jesus Medina, Chris Kolodziej, and Evan Grimball skating the courthouse drop ledge. Filmed by Chris Kolodziej and Craig Benabu. Edited by Chris Kolodziej.

Freeze Fame: Sam DeAngelis

May 25, 2011

“As spring reared it’s head around an ugly winter in the Tri-State, I took the first available opportunity to start shooting street again. On a beautiful weekend in May I gathered some of New York’s finest to blade some untouched spots hidden within the clutter of Northern New Jersey. After a long day of filming, we ended the day with a stop at the infamous Seton Hall University. With a campus like Fort Knox, I was surprised how quickly I convinced the gaurs at the front gate that the caravan behind me was simply there to explore the facility. After shredding the mellow kinked handi-rail I noticed OG Dom Blanchard lacing this intensely acrobatic Lui Kang 540. Dom states, “I’ve been skating since I was like 11 yrs old. I’ll be 30 in July. I’m from the Ryan Jacklone era of NYC. When you could show up the brooklyn banks and see Rawlinson Rivera, Victor Calendar, Joe Dedentro, Jon Ortiz, and Dave Ortega skating.” With experience and years of conditioning it was a pleasure to shoot with Blanchard. After a couple of tries we landed this shot at a focal length of 50mm. My Canon T2i was set at F4 with an exposure of 1/160. I had two strobes placed on Dom’s Lui Kang 540. One to the left and another tucked in a bush to the lower right” – Sam DeAngelis.

Dave Lang 2011 Profile

May 24, 2011

Featuring Dave Lang skating New York City and California spots. Filmed by: Amraj Lalli, Eduardo Araujo, Phillip Long, Nick Wood, Daniel Scarano, Jeph Howard, Joe Hollier, Niall Flanick, Rob Salinas, Chris Calkins and Killa Kai

Syracuse Roll ‘N’ Roast Saturday June 11th

May 24, 2011

The Syracuse area is welcoming every New York blader to their part of town with the first ever Roll ‘N’ Roast barbecue session. Come chill for a day in Central New York. There will be a session at the Inner Harbor, a product toss, a grill to fire up all the food you can carry, and a best trick competition. See more info on the event on the Facebook page. You can also take a look at the Inner Harbor skate spots below.

Date: Saturday June 11th 2011
Time: 12:00PM
Location: Syracuse Inner Harbor
More Info: