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Shooting The Banner: With Sebastian Michalski

June 11, 2012

The newest I Roll NY banner puts a new twist on an old spot. While out in the East Houston area of Manhattan we saw this huge pile of wood chips in the middle of the Sara D. Roosevelt park. With constant construction going on in the area, we went on a stealth mission, found a shovel, and went to work on making the hill of wood chips skateable. Take a look at Sebastian’s clip from the banner, as well as some of the behind the scenes footage from creating the spot.

Shooting The Banner: With Sean Grossman

April 2, 2012

The Brooklyn crew took a trip to Long Island to check out the newly built boxes at Oil City Skatepark. We met up with Long Island’s Sean Grossman and caught a few clips and flicks. This is the behind the scenes look at the newest banner. We threw in the first fishbrain, just to let you know that the banner shot was indeed switch.

Shooting The Banner: With Chauncey Jenkins

February 27, 2012

Last week Chauncey Jenkins and other Washington Heights bladers came to the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, thanks to a session set up by James Perez. James called me with the info and I headed out to Sunset to meet up with everyone. We warmed up at the 35th street ledges then moved on to the kink rail in the local park. While Chauncey was warming up I was able to grab a few photos and this clip of him clearing the kink rail for the latest I Roll NY banner.

See the previous banner shoot with Danny Figgz.

Shooting The Banner: With Danny Figgz

January 20, 2012

Danny Figgz sent in a message with an idea for the next I Roll NY banner. He wanted to get a photo at the Guggenheim museum high ledge. Guggenheim is an almost forgotten NYC staple skate spot. Most commonly remembered as the ledge Boshi Pope skated in his ONE section. We headed out on our mission to capture the photo. After clearing the ledge within a few tries we were able to catch Figgz behind the scenes along with capturing a few extra tricks at the museum.