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“JetSetting” with Sam Williams via SUAS

December 31, 2010

SUAS: What’s up Sam and what’s going on in your Life right now? Tell me something good my brother!
Well my man it seems like positivity and perseverance. A lot of good things seem to be going on and I’m surrounding myself with some great individuals.

SUAS: Positivity is definitely the key to breeding excellence…Recently, you seem to be all over the place! Every time I see contest edits you always seem to be in the mix somewhere. How in the world are you able to travel so much and can I have some of your frequent flyer miles?
Well, I get some help from my sponsors and them. I also work at this club called “Marquee”, some of you guys have been my guests there and boom, there u have it jetsetting. I love to travel, there is no greater feeling then to wake up and be somewhere different. I love it and I also love to see all the homies at the comps skate and chill!

SUAS: I didn’t forget about those frequent flyer miles so I’ll take those from you in person. Lately, I have been seeing a new fire inside of you and I am loving it. Who or what is inspiring you at the moment to progress even further with your skating?
The new fire you see LB is the fire of loving what I do and being scared I’m not gonna have enough time to do it, so I try to do my best cuz u never know when ur not gonna be able to. A lot of us wake up and instantly we are adults with bills and responsibilities. We all just need to learn how to slow down and make the best out of any situation like when we were kids.

Read the full interview on Shut Up And Skate.

Nimh Blu-Ray Trailer

December 30, 2010

Check out the exclusive Nimh team video trailer for the Blu-Ray edition of the DVD. The Nimh video will be playing tomorrow night at the Roll and Rage New Years Eve party. The Nimh Video is being released as a Limited Edition Blu-ray. It is mastered in Full HD, compatible with Playstation 3’s and contains over 20 minutes of unused footage. Bonus Material: Second profiles of Bolino, Montre and Oli. Two extra montages, falls, alternate angles, friends, leftovers, and numerous online edits.

Funeral Flipp – Outline Prolougue

December 30, 2010

Featuring Stephen “Flipp” Ledger from the Bronx, NY skating local BX spots. The edit is a prologue to the film, Outline, planned on being released in the upcoming Spring. Filmed and edited by Mad Ace. Test video shot with 7d and 60d.

J. Perez at the Valo NYC Premiere

December 29, 2010

“Hey everyone, Joseph Perez here to bring you a simple night out on the town at the Valo4Life premiere. As the day began Tim Franken, Crazy Pat Bernat and I embarked on a journey throughout the hood’s of Newark, NJ to the slums of the South Bronx, NY. When We finally arrived at the premiere it was such a sight to see, over 150 people at the first screening and more to come. Mr. Victor Callender also gave a speech regarding our Fitted DVD donation and Art of Rolling Magazine donation. It was a great time at the premiere, one to remember” – Joe Perez. Read the full article on Be-Mag.

New Era Skate Team Edit

December 29, 2010

Featuring Eddie Esteves, Brian Rivera, Elias Hadzovic and Harison Hadzovic. Also on the team is James Macay and Daymian Ruiz who due to lack of filming couldn’t be in the edit.

James Macay Breaking in the A4’s

December 28, 2010

Featuring 12 year-old James Macay at the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY and Sheild’s skatepark in New Jersey. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay.

Blade or Die Blader Digest: People Who Ruled 2010

December 28, 2010

Blade or Die has published it’s newest Blader Digest article listing the best of 2010 with New York City taking first place as the best skate scene of the year. “Back in the day, Ryan Jacklone, Dave Ortega, and others ruled the streets of New York City with attitude and fierce style. Today, skaters like Franco Cammayo, Austin Paz, Ramelle Knight, Jon Ortiz, and the unstoppable force that is the living shred legend known as Billy O’Neill. That doesn’t even include those unknown skaters that are working their asses off on a regular basis to pull hard every day. You may not know them now, but there’s a good chance you might soon. At the heart of the action are media like Art of Rolling (which now is printed and ready for your subscription) and the always busy blog I Roll NY” – Blader Digest. See the full People Who Ruled 2010 article on the Blade or Die site.

Brandon Cooklin Quick Clips 2

December 27, 2010

Featuring Brandon Cooklin skating street spots in Rochester, NY and at the Rochester Action Sports Park. Filmed and edited by Stefan Brandow.

Nick Uhas Going For Pro Episodes 2 and 3

December 26, 2010

Check out the latest two episodes of Nick Uhas’ going for pro series filmed on location in New York City.

Roll and Rage New Years Eve Party / Skate Jam

December 25, 2010

Ray Mendez, Sam Williams, Victor Callender, Wheels in Motion, and Skate Life Pro-motion present the Roll and Rage New Years eve party Friday, December 31st. There is a $20 entrance fee that will include an open bar from 8PM-9PM, 20 foot grind boxes and prails, MC battle, BBoy battle, giveaways and more. There will also be a best trick contest through out the night where the winner will receive $100. It’s all taking place at the St. Cecelia’s Gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More info on the flyer and below. The Nimh video will also be premiering at 9PM!

Date: Friday, December 31st, 2010.
Time: Doors open at 7:30PM. Open bar from 8:00PM until 9:00PM. Nimh premiere at 9:00PM.
Location: St. Cecelia’s Gym. North Henry and Herbert Street.
Directions: L train to Graham Avenue
Walking directions from the train here.