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Spring Buffalo, NY 2010 Edit

June 30, 2010

Kyle Bartlett sends in another edit keeping the world updated with the Buffalo, NY scene. Check out all of the street spots Buffalo has to offer featuring skating from Steve Gibson, Josh Marlinski, Paul Gallo, Malik Glenn, Cris Parwluski, and Kyle Bartlett.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #29

June 30, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by Rolling Film Media. Clip of the Week #29 features Bronx, NY’s John Stephens at the triple curved ledges in Queens, NY. Check out two tricks that John laced during the recent session. Filmed and edited by Jason Staine.

First Look at the Pier 25 Skatepark Plans

June 30, 2010

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I Roll NY received the blueprint plans for a new skatepark being built in the Chelsea area of Lower Manhattan located on pier 25. The pier 25 skatepark will be built on the same avenue of the Pier 62 skatepark and will include obstacles similar to street spots including an eight stair down rail, handicap rail, manual pad, picnic table, hubba ledges, a flat bar, and a clover bowl. The park is rumored to open in the fall. Thanks to Kiko and Irene for the image.

Devin Thomas Spring 2010 Edit

June 29, 2010

Check the latest from Devin Thomas coming out of Long Island, NY featuring Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island skate spots. A lot of dope tricks and switch ups in the edit up top filmed over the course of five days.

One Clip with Alex Nunez

June 29, 2010

Sean Ashby uploaded a recently discovered clip of Alex Nunez at the famous globe ledge in Queens, NY from winter 2009. Check the dope line Alex pulls off before the spot was closed off. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby.

River Ave Chill Edit

June 28, 2010

Check the latest from members of the GK and Dipskate crew skating the river avenue skatepark in the Bronx, NY. “Me(Ramelle), Jose Henriquez and Rafael Herrera decided to film a few clips while we were chillin’ @ River ave skate park and theres also a few clips from a new Ledge by yankee stadium. Check it out!” – Ramelle Knight.

Checking in with Sam Williams via Razors

June 28, 2010

Sam Williams on his own street. Photo: Cesar Macay

“Hey what’s up it’s Sam here. Let’s see…what I have been up to? I’ve actually been skating a lot lately, filming for Game Theory and 9to5. I was on a little blade hiatus because of a fractured pelvis and torn groin thanks to a snowboarding injury. I also work nights at one of New York’s hottest night clubs, Marquee.

Fishbrain. Photo: Cesar Macay

I’m juiced to be back on my skates and love these new Bambricks. Can’t wait to get to California for the SDSF Open, get a chance to be around good people, care free and bang out some hammers.

Dumpster 180. Photo: Cesar Macay

I’d like to thank all the NYC skaters, Razors, Jug, Goldspun Jeans, M1 wheels, my wife, and last but not least Julian bah, Sam Grimm, Alex Nunez, Murda, Andy, Geoff, Rob L, and the Brown Bros, for supporting me and giving me the confidence to keep going” – Sam Williams.


Robert Monegro Pier 62 Edit

June 27, 2010

“Robert Monegro, 29 years-old, and still rolling. He calls himself the professional just because he can. I heard they opened pier 62 so I decided to test out the park and to test my Razor skates. Just a couple of tricks. Hate it or love it. So what. I love to roll. My wife Mrs. Monegro filmed it with her BB phone very nice of her I did not even know. More of robs clips at Thanks to I Roll NY I would’ve never known the park opened” – Robert Monegro.

Jug Billy O’Neill Signature HT Sneakers

June 27, 2010

Images courtesy of

New York City’s own Billy O’Neill receives his own signature pair of the Jug high top sneakers. “Billy “Fish” O’Neill presents his new signature Jug HT shoes in an incredible black and spearmint color combination. The Jug High Tops are possibly their best looking and highest quality shoes to date. Jug definitely spent more time with all the little details to give the HT shoes a truly genuine Juggernaut design. The Jug HT shoes feature a genuine leather outer, a comfortable leather inner with padded tongue and a durable rubber soul” – AMall. Get your pair of the Billy O’Neill Jug’s at Tri State Skate. Support NY skaters and NY skate shops!

Lets Roll NY Session 9 Footage

June 26, 2010

Lets Roll NY Session 9 took place at the River Avenue Skatepark in the Bronx, NY on June 12, 2010. A lot of skaters from all over NYC came out to session the new skatepark and the ledges by the newly built Yankee stadium. Skaters include (in order of appearance) Chauncey Jenkins, John Stephens, Erick Rodriguez, Malik Ashby, Evan Grimball, Jose Henriquez, Hector Rodriguez, Eric Estrada, Ryan Many, Shardy Nieves, Edgar Sanchez, Quang Trinh, and John Estrella.