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John Stephens Flip The Script Mini View

October 31, 2011

Featuring John Stephens. Filmed and edited by Flip The Script.

The Five W’s with Jordan Baez via SUAS

October 30, 2011

Jordan Baez – Fishbrain. Photo: Ryan Loewy

“Jordan Baez is a talented young blader who is quickly establishing a name for himself. He is part of the foundation for a solid future in the NYC blading scene. Not only does he kill everything he blades, Jordan also puts together competitions to help grow the NY/NJ scene. In this 5W’s profile he gives us a sneak peek of what he’s about” – SUAS. Read the entire interview on shutupandskate.

I look at you as one of the young up & coming talents that is the future of the NYC blading scene. WHO were some of your earliest influences when you first decided to strap on the blades?
JB: My earliest influences were my boy Suki Davilla and Matt. One of my main influences was and still is dave lang! As for Pros, it was Murda, Julian Bah & Billy O’ Neill.

You make me wish that I could grow my hair back so I can have hair like yours. WHAT kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use to keep your fro so light and fluffy?
JB: Haha, to keep my fro so fluffy I wash my hair with Dove shampoo.

Putting together a rollerblading contest is a lot of work, WHEN did you decide that you wanted to wet your feet in the blading industry by running your own competition series?

JB: It wasn’t me by myself. My cousin Jason Rivera and I wanted to help out the NY/NJ scene by doing little comps to get new kids into blading and into other areas besides the same ones kids blade nowadays. The last turn out was pretty good, I got interviewed by a New Jersey mag and alot of people came and showed love!

ODNY “Mofongo” Montage

October 29, 2011

“The following edit is a compilation of old and new clips with the family. Whether catching a clip for a quick laugh or just fooling around and discovering something new–rolling is undoubtedly something I really enjoy doing and documenting. Thanks to everyone who comes out to session without any expectations but to have fun.

More edits coming soon. A few solo projects in the works with specific people. Boom!” – ODNY.

Box Competition Saturday November 5th

October 28, 2011

Date: October 30th 2011
Time: 12:00PM – 9:00PM
Fee: $5.00 to compete
Location: LES, Manhattan, NY
Directions: Take the L train to 14th street and 1st avenue.
Walking directions from the train here.

The Truth B Roll + Full Video

October 27, 2011

“For some reason I always liked the extra crap at the end of skate videos and theres probably people out there like me also so here is the bonus from the first Truth DVD, enjoy” – Austin Paz. Check out the full video of The Truth below featuring Austin Paz, Billy O’Neil, Chris Cheshire, Colin Kelso, Franco Cammayo, Sean Kelso and more.

James Macay 9 To 5 Introduction

October 26, 2011

9TO5 Mixtapes Introduces New York City’s Future. Filmed By : Cesar Macay, Ryan Many, and Erick Rodriguez. Edited By : Erick Rodriguez.

Cody Lampman Roc City Skates Promo

October 25, 2011

Filmed by Mykel Fatali. Edited by Greg Freeman.

Sean Agoliati Pier 25 Edit

October 24, 2011

This is a come back edit for Remz flow and Tri-State Skate rider Sean Agoliati who injured the ligaments in his knee in June 2011, preventing him from skating all summer.  Sean is back on the old horse as of September.  This edit features Sean skating Pier 25 skate park in Tribeca, Manhattan.  Enjoy! “Sean recently injured his knee super duper bad, had surgery and it probably hurt a lot. But he came back with this edit. Pow” – TSS.

October Shields Edit

October 23, 2011

Filmed by Austin Paz. Edited by Joey Scannella. Featuring Adam Caroselli, Joey Scannella, Franco Cammayo, and Gian Scannella.

Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #12

October 22, 2011

“I would never in a million years fathom anyone attempting this trick. Back in April of this year the Valo team came into NYC to film for Valo “Five.” I contacted Jon Julio to see what his plans were and he replied with an invitation to come out for the day and shoot with the team. As I met the guys at LES park they were already scoping the area for tricks.

Erik Bailey was checking out this huge gap to ledge and decided he would charge it at full speed. The first couple of attempts ended with him rolling like a log across the blacktop for ten feet but somehow coming out unscathed each time. Finally, after setting up my flashes, I caught this shot just in time. He flew at this Disaster Mute Grab to Back Royale as Victor Arias caught the clip. This shot was taken with my Canon T2i at 1/160, f6.3, 400, with flashes placed bottom left and top right” – Sam DeAngelis.