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I Roll NY Exclusive: Austin Paz Valo and Create Originals Setup

June 30, 2009

Staying on top of the Create Original updates, I stumbled upon these pictures posted up by Austin Paz himself of his current setup. The setup includes the new Cool Snake Valos, Trust liners and a custom Create Originals frame graphic. Check the mini review that Austin wrote. “By far the best looking Valo skate ever made. The new Trust Liners are mad comfy. My old ones I probably only had for about 6 months but didn’t rip and worked fine in my Valos with the toes cut…I started riding the Create Original Frames a few months ago and can honestly say they’re the best frames I ever skated. They skate just as good as you can imagine the perfect frame being, but the customization possibilities make them that much better. I recently printed out a few of my own designs on regular photo paper and I’m more juiced on them than anything. This pic shows you can make your frames match any skate” – Austin Paz.

Art of Rolling Issue 4 Sneak Peak

June 30, 2009

Anthony Soto – GREATEST SWEATSTANCE EVER (Click to enlarge)

Angelo Ferrer has released some exclusive pictures from his up and coming issue of The Art of Rolling webzine. The new issue features Ramelle Knight, Trevor Johnson, Jordan Baez, Hyper mike, Anthony Soto and more. To see more pictures check out Angelo’s Flickr page. Also The Art of Rolling magazine is looking for sponsors. If you’re interested check out the post here. If you can’t wait till issue four check out the previous issues of the Art of Rolling under the NY Company links.


Damian Michalski Photos by Drew Humphrey

June 30, 2009

Tru top soyale (Click to enlarge)

Damian Michalski posted up two new photos of himself sessioning an electrical box in Brooklyn, NY that came out truly amazing. Besides the electrical box being higher than most objects usually skated, photographer Drew Humphrey was there to catch the action. Check the second pic below.

Cross grab BS Torque (Click to enlarge)

Drop In Skate Park and Tri-State Skate shop edit

June 29, 2009

      Watch in HD

Joey G and some other Long Island, NY locals made the trip to Drop In Skatepark in Hillburn, NY which has been home of Tri-State Skate shop for a few months now. This edit features skating from Joey Graziano, Bobby Reichel, Trent Olans and Mike Fischer along with a tour of Greg’s shop. “Last monday night we made a trip up to Tri State Skate, New Yorks newest shop. They just picked up the new Casualty line so I suggest you go by there, cop some gear at the shop, then shoot downstairs for a session at Dropin Skatepark. Doesn’t get much better than that!” – Casualty. Song is Adrian Champion – Cash run.

New I Roll NY Sample Shirts

June 29, 2009

Click to enlarge

After work today I came home to find a package delivered to my house which included samples of the new I Roll NY shirt design and color ways. I immediatly ripped the plastic seal and took them over to my friend Erik’s house/studio to get some shots of them. As you can see above the shirt now features the updated boot design and there’s more colors to choose from. More pics and updates on the shirts will be up soon. Thanks again for the pics Erik!

Damian Michalski Box Edit

June 28, 2009

Damian Michalski, Skeptic Media team rider, has been killing it for about a year straight now. He’s been improving non stop and his trick vocabulary has been growing immensely which you can see in the above edit. Damian, along with myself and the other Brooklyn rollers, made the journey ( yes it’s a journey when you’re coming from the end of Brooklyn) to the Bronx to session the Skeptic box at the Haven Arts Gallery. “During the time the box was at the gallery Damian Michalski only showed up one day lol…But that one day he was able to kill it and get a few clips in. Enjoy” – Navin Hardyal. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal. Additional clips by Craig Benabu.

Anthony Chen Photo Session By: Drew Humphrey

June 28, 2009

Anthony Chen – BS Backslide. Photo: Drew Humphrey

Boston, MA native and frequent New York City visitor, Anthony Chen, came down to our city earlier in the month where he sessioned the midtown Manhattan area with photographer Drew Humphrey. Hitting the now infamous Glory/UPS/Perfect ledges (this spot has too many names) along with the spot known as Bottle Rails, Drew caught some of Chen’s arsenal of perfectly steezed out tricks. Check the rest of the photos after the jump. All photos by Drew Humphrey

Friend Edit By: Sean Ashby

June 26, 2009

Sean Ashby recently put up an online edit featuring a bunch of skaters from all over New York City skating all over the Queens, NY area. Skaters include Sean Ashby, Benny Lee, Michael Nieto, Jonathan Fresneda, Dave Wauhop, Tim Ramos, Danny Villanueva, and others.

Deadly Drop-In Session by: Skeptic Media

June 26, 2009

Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew are always traveling around the New York area getting footage and providing us with some of the sickest edits we’ve seen. While filming on location at Drop-In Skatepark, home of Tri-State skateshop in Hillburn, NY one of the wheels of Navin’s car basically came off. “…we got on the highway, stopped for gas, and accidentally got on the north bound I-87 instead of South. The closest exit was 20 miles away so we had to wait to turn around. After a long 20 miles, Shallif goes to make a U-Turn and the passanger side wheel pops out during the U-Turn leaving us stranded somewhere 80 miles from New York City…” – Skeptic Media. To read more of the story check out the Skeptic Media site. Check the edit above to see some footage of Skeptic Media rider, Kevin Cintron, and some footage of the aftermath of the accident.


Brooklyn, NY Edit

June 25, 2009

This edit is actually dubbed the “unedited edit” and for good reason. Instead of using a bunch of filters and flavor of the month music, Drew Humphrey and Damian Michalski put together some quality footage with a classic song to fill the background. This is a relaxed and chill edit that was filmed over the winter but was slept on. Skaters include, Damian Michalski, Drew Humphrey, Omar and Vincent. “This is not a serious edit, just threw all the clips down and picked a random song and thought it went well” – Damian Michalski. Song is No Doubt – Don’t Speak.

Sorry about the late entry today. Finally got some skating in.