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Art of Rolling Vol. 2 Issue 1 Now on Sale + Review

December 7, 2010

Art of Rolling has released their newest issue which is their first official printed copy of the magazine. AOR will be having a release party for their newest issue this Sunday, December 12th. More info and details on the party soon. In the meantime you can pick up your copy of Volume 2 Issue 1 at the Art of Rolling store. Check out the review of their latest issue below.

Create Originals Product Review by Ray Mendez

December 2, 2009

One of NYC’s OG’s just got a pair of his OG Create Original frames and did a product review going over all the specs on the new frames and their custom graphic system. “As I’m a big fan of (& often geek out to) product reviews & videos the likes of which you’d find on sites like: or I figured I’d do my own version for my newly bestowed Create Orginals Frames- Billy O’neil Pro Models. Enjoy!” Ray Mendez.

I Roll NY Supporter Tom Hyser: RB Product Reviews

December 1, 2009

Rollerblade has been dropping a lot of new skates lately and TRS team manager Tom Hyser reviews their two latest products. Tom discusses each aspect of the skate pointing out all the upgrades to the new Solo Tribe skates and the New Jack skate all while wearing the I Roll NY tee. Thanks to Tom and RB for the support!

Art of Rolling Finger Skates Review and New Customs

November 14, 2009

The Art of Rolling finger skates have been gaining a lot of buzz and I’ve heard first hand from Angelo Ferrer about his international popularity with his latest product. Though some may complain about the price of the finger skates (who are most likely the same kids who buy $60 skateboarder hats, $300 jeans, and $100 BBC t-shirts, just to look like everyone else) they’re definitely well worth it and this featured youtube subscriber shows you why. There’s a lot of hard work and heart that goes into each custom made finger skate so show your support for the only online magazine that’s supporting you, the NYC skater, and get your pair at the AOR site.

You can also see even more custom AOR Finger Skates on Angelo Ferrer’s Flickr account. Check out all the different colorways and names for the finger skates including an NY Mets, LA Lakers, the 5 borough series, and Ramelle Knight pro skate. See the new colors and customs here.

Lavell Wimberly Presents: Kicks for Kids

July 10, 2009

Click to view the kicks for kids blog

Kicks for Kids is more than just your standard clothing company. It’s run by Bronx, NY’s Lavell Wimberly who’s been skating in NYC for years now. You can see Lavell in the latest Last Mand Standing trailer. He’s the one who gaps the quarter pipe ledge at the end. I’ve always seen Lavell’s work and wondered what Kick for kids was about and stood for. I got in contact with him a few days ago and Lavell was more than welcome to letting I Roll NY know what his company is about.

Kicks for Kids version 2

“Kicks For kids is a sneaker/clothing/charity company. That’s been selling many rear and limited sneakers world wide (YES worldwide) for some time now, And being that the small company has slowly expanded from coast to coast, i wanna give a little something back to those whom can’t spend $300 and $400 on shoes by starting a charity and giving back shoes to the community. Although this has yet to start it is still being worked on and in process. But also on a fashion side the brand has grown from the sneaker business to a clothing line, which has been getting buzz all over and good words, planing to release more from the company in all its areas by the ending of 09′ is in the works as we speak” – Lavell. If you’d like to know more on Kicks for kids and get updated on Lavell’s work, check out the Kicks for Kids blog. To see the Kicks for Kids sneakers for sale check out the Myspace page. I’m sure we’ll see more from Lavell soon and can’t wait for the new designs.

I Roll NY Exclusive: Austin Paz Valo and Create Originals Setup

June 30, 2009

Staying on top of the Create Original updates, I stumbled upon these pictures posted up by Austin Paz himself of his current setup. The setup includes the new Cool Snake Valos, Trust liners and a custom Create Originals frame graphic. Check the mini review that Austin wrote. “By far the best looking Valo skate ever made. The new Trust Liners are mad comfy. My old ones I probably only had for about 6 months but didn’t rip and worked fine in my Valos with the toes cut…I started riding the Create Original Frames a few months ago and can honestly say they’re the best frames I ever skated. They skate just as good as you can imagine the perfect frame being, but the customization possibilities make them that much better. I recently printed out a few of my own designs on regular photo paper and I’m more juiced on them than anything. This pic shows you can make your frames match any skate” – Austin Paz.

An Open Letter to Roll Zine

June 4, 2009

click the picture to view the latest issue

For those of you that may not be familiar with Roll Zine it is a great online magazine, created by Brandon Ballog, that focuses on rollerblading and shows an increasing amount of talent and design with each issues. It is one of the most visually impressive and professionally designed magazines that I have seen online to date. As well, their current issue has an article on a past friend of mine, Jay Greendyk, which I was very happy to see. Unfortunately, when I was reading their latest issue I came across an article titled, “East Coast Mizou-lessness,” that focused on the east coast rollerblading scene, specifically the New York City scene, and it was a clear misrepresentation and negative outlook on our scene. This stirred up a lot of questions. One being, how can someone write about a scene when they make it clear they are not knowledgeable about it and did not take the time to research their careless claims? Another question was, is this how all outsiders view the east coast rollerblading scene? These questions, along with other NYC rollerbladers reactions to the article, inspired me to write a response.

I admit the response is a long one but it was needed. I believe my response is something that every rollerblader on the east coast, specifically NYC, needs to see so they can gain a certain knowledge and respect for our scene along with its icons and participants. As well, if you ever feel that our scene is negatively represented this response will show you how to handle the situation maturely, correctly, and intelligently, instead of resorting to physical violence or verbal abuse. Below you can find a link to the article, “East Coast Mizou-lessness” As well as a downloadable link to my response. I’ve also pasted the response below if you wish not to download. I warn you now that it is a long read.

“East Coast Mizou-lessness” article. (click on the links to the bottom left to view the magazine)

My response to the article. (right click and choose save to download)


I Roll NY Interview with Ethos Magazine

February 7, 2009

Last month we mentioned an interview we did with Ethos Magazine that we set up. It was a very chill and fun event for us where we got to introduce ourselves to the outside world and to people that may not know about the rollerblading culture. Ethos recently put up our interview for everyone to check out and we wanted to give a big thanks to them for supporting us and exposing the online world to our company. You can check out our article on the Ethos Magainze website.

Vibralux "On Top" Online Premiere Review

December 14, 2008

Update: Adam Johnson has been, “randomly putting up the real version, the screwed up version, etc. for 10 minutes to 5 hours at a time, just to keep kids looking for it” (be-mag messageboard). so if you’re lucky you can catch it.

The one hour exclusive peak at the new Vibralux “On Top” video brought many surprises to say the least. Due to the concern of online viewers downloading the new video, Adam Johnson disabled the video from being downloaded from the host site, vimeo, and also added a bunch of filters, texts, and effects to make the viewing experience…well, unique. It’s totally understandable that the effects were done to make downloading the video unworthy, but it also distracted from the video and slightly turned me off from the viewing. If you were able to look past the distractions though, you know that On Top looks like a great video. Haffey, Farmer, Broskow, and Bambrick each had sections that stood out amongst the rest of the team in my opinion. The online premiere started with a long list of titles that seemed to stay on the screen forever but there were some funny lines that made the wait worth it. The intro also includes clips from each rider including Fabiola DeSilva which took me by surprise. Farmer then starts the series of sections from each rider and it’s a definite must see. Though, as mentioned above there were distractions that took away from his section. Farmer’s clips were re-created on a practice rail and would go back and forth between p-rail footage and street footage. As well footage was zoomed in so not everything was visible. None the less some clips that stood out were his negative top acid to top acid on a down rail and zero spin negative top acid on a similar rail. Michael Garlinghouse follows next and his section was constantly cut off or paused by text. A lot of clean and smooth tricks were done along with funny lines such as “he’s running while the song is talking about running. how cool” and “fuckin miszou bitch.” Michael Collins is featured next and his section is mixed with older clips from KFC’s Members Only to hint at the current tricks that we’ll see in the new video. Brenton Wheeler’s section was overlayed over text reading “Wrong Crowd” making it almost impossible to see his clips. The Falls section brings the video back to a normal pace where the clips are clearly visible and Haffey takes a bad fall on his chin on a rail. The fall section then segways into Don Bambrick’s section, which at first I mistakend for Rob Thompson…because I’m an idiot. His section was displayed as a negative image and a phone conversation was dubbed over it. Though looking past the given distractions I could see all the huge gaps he was doing with ease, along with an innovative torque cess slide to drop and a huge bs backslide on a chest high ledge. Haffey then follows and the section is displayed fast forwarded and looped over a couple of times. From what I can tell Haffey was definitly doing some of the craziest lines, landing huge stair gaps and then doing a down rail with ease. As well as being played backwards, Haffey’s “ender” of the section was replaced with a google maps display of what was done. Alex Broskow ends the rider sections with, from what i can tell, was a great display of skating. Lights were overlayed his section which actually seemed to add to the music synched to the editing. The outro and credits had a couple of clips from each time rider like the intro did as well as some funny B Roll. The online premiere was worth the viewing and was a huge tease to make the viewer itch to buy On Top. Screen Caps from the online premiere below.

intro text


Farmer’s section synched to his P-Rail skating

Garlinghouse’s text

Brenton Wheeler’s section


Haffey’s Ender



Vibralux’s "On Top" Tracklisting

December 14, 2008

if you caught the premiere you know some unique songs were used. I copied them down while I had the chance. Review of the premiere up soon.

para one – finale
chris farmer
alice cooper – under my wheels
michael garlinghouse
tommy jones and the shondells – i think we’re alone now
michael collins
drake – comeback season
brenton wheeler
captain beefheart – zig zag wanderer
don bambrick
the beatles – helter skelter
chris haffey
thom yorke – i might be wrong
alex broskow
poppa wheelie – hood mode
the kinks – starstruck
the kinks – dedicated follower of fashion