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Checkmate Offcuts

July 30, 2012

Featuring Julian Bah, Colin Kelso, Austin Paz, Billy O’Neill, Franco Cammayo, and Sean Kelso.

Box Jam BBQ Saturday August 4th

July 24, 2012

Good And Plenty Intro 2007

July 16, 2012

“Here’s the intro to a video I was making in 2006-2008 called Good and Plenty. Unfortunately situations kept changing and I never was able to finish the video. Featuring all my Long Island/NJ friends. Enjoy” – Sean Grossman. Featuring Pat Irwin, Ryan Smith, Chris Murphy, Nick Orena, Ben Guarino, Shawn Gradilone, Josh Burnham, Sean Grossman, and Bobby Reichel.

Tribeca Quickies

July 14, 2012

“Old shit i filmed had clips of my boys in the park so made a quick little something out of it. Enjoy or be destroyed! Featuring Jordan Baez, Quang, Mal Ashby, Jeph Mateo” – Jordan Beaz.

Flip The Script Slap of the Week

July 13, 2012

Featuring Danny Figgz, Hector Martinez, and Jordan Baez.

NYC Blading June 2012

July 12, 2012

Featuring Sal Zaso,Tom LiPani,Franco Cammayo,Angel Ortiz & Christie Toledo.

City Slickaz Weekly

July 11, 2012

Featuring Sean Grossman, Jordan Baez, Mikey Roman, Joey Lunger,Chris Santhiago, and more.

Andrew Greenblatt June 2012 Edit

July 10, 2012

Coleman Skatepark Take Over Photos

July 9, 2012

Franco Cammayo – Zerospin Fishbrain

Saturday, the Coleman Skatepark Take Over session went down. Bladers from all over New York City and visiting bladers from Columbia spent the day at the park sessioning all the new obstacles. Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in on the session. Check out all the photos below. Until next time!

Freeze Fame: Craig Benabu #2

July 5, 2012

“Monday afternoon after reading the announcement of the Coleman skatepark session this upcoming Saturday, I decided to check out the park for myself. I didn’t have much expectations for the park based on it’s old layout and how quickly the new park was built, but I was surprisingly shocked with how well the outcome of the park was. Sifting through the many kids that filled the park, I started taking mental images of the spots that I would love to take pictures of during future visits when not a lot of people were in attendance. While skating, I saw that two NYC veterans were in the park as well. Phillip Suarez and Felix Guzman. I started filming, getting a few clips of both skaters on the main box in the middle of the park. I then saw Felix debating on hitting the ramp to rail on top of the fence. His first attempt was very close so I knew he’d be able to do it within a couple of tries. I filmed him lacing a top acid and fishbrain on the rail, but felt like the fisheye I was using to film really didn’t do the tricks justice. The height from the ramp to the top of the rail is pretty high and the angle of the ramp is really steep, so you definitely need some hops to make it atop. After picturing how I wanted to present Felix’s trick, I asked him if he’d like to do it again for a photo.

After a few approaches to the fence with many kids getting in Felix’s way, Phillip took on the role of temporary bouncer to give Felix a clear runway to hit the rail. I hopped over the ledge, leaving the park, and positioned myself on the fence of the baseball field next to the park. I wanted to shoot it from this angle to truly show the height of the rail and show the distance from the ramp to the rail, which is about where the concrete ends and the fence begins seen in the photo. I felt like this angle would do Felix’s trick justice and was happy with how the photo came out when Felix laced. I hopped back over the ledge and kept skating on into the night with Phillip, Felix, and many others that joined in. Hope to see you guys there this Saturday for the session!” – Craig Benabu.