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Having one of your riders coming to New York City? Want to be shown around to some of our most popular spots? Want to know what’s going on during your stay here? Want to be apart of I Roll NY? Contact I Roll NY at All other questions and any other topics of discussion will be answered and responded to. Feel free to leave a message.

If you’d like to get yourself and/or your work featured on I Roll NY please check out the Submit Your News Page.

17 Responses to “Contact I Roll NY”

  1. chi Says:

    this site is amazeing i check it daily like ny1 news and love all the fucking videos ……sk8 or die

  2. irollny Says:

    thank you chi!

  3. Johnny Says:

    this websites is very helpful ..tells you whats up all the time…by any chance would you know when that chelsea pier park is opening?

  4. irollny Says:

    Supposed to be opening this Summer. May I believe.

  5. marcos ramos Says:

    best website known to man you guys inspire me and my brothers and homies to blade forever. thanks alot

  6. Sashalyn Says:

    I think it’s great that you make not one, but sometimes two posts a day on here! This website is very helpful, informational and inspirational not only for new york, but bladers worldwide.

  7. damian Says:

    Hey 🙂

  8. Mateusz Says:

    i am looking for the name of polish blader who skating with you.

  9. nicola Says:

    Im looking for Nick Hartman

  10. Ranga Says:

    yoo, we´re going to visit new york city in August! Maybe we can have a session with some new york blading locals??!! yeahhh:-)

    greetings from Germany

  11. I Roll NY Says:

    Hey Ranga, contact us on Facebook when you’re in NYC.

  12. ranga Says:

    of course! Thank you!!!!

  13. Chris Aberger Says:

    yo im headed up to nyc this week and I’m looking to skate, thinking about hitting up riverside park rails and just looking to skate with some folks

  14. Nick Says:

    Please add me to your email list I want to put my skates back on and join the movement. I’m not sure who and where people skate anymore. All I see are skateboards and scooters. Any one meeting up this weekend?

  15. Paul Anastasiu Says: checked you out!

  16. Pj Says:

    Is there still any shops in nyc selling aggressive skates?

  17. CHRISTIAN Says:

    What’s up rolling fam, Christian here. Haven’t skated im years but just purchased some new skates and I’m looking for some fellow bladers to ride and hit some spots with.

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