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Brandon Cooklin July Edit

July 31, 2010

Brandon Cooklin uploads another edit representing his part of New York. Brandon represents the Elmira, NY scene and holds it down with this edit featuring five days of footage from earlier this month. Check it out above to see some of the rarely seen skate spots in his part of NY.

Pier 62 iPhone Edit

July 31, 2010

Check the latest edit of the Pier 62 skatepark in Manhattan, NY featuring a few of NYC’s young talent including Joey Scannella, Moises Rivera, and Chris Dejesus.

The Beginning of Something Special

July 30, 2010

“So every great thing has a beginning,middle and end, its not time to end nor are we hitting a mid life. This is the beginning of great things to come and although the footage is not up to par, I only made this edit because the format of the clips could not be used in the video “Fitted”. The edit is complied with clips from Tim Franken, Sean Grossman,Pat Irwin,Edgar Rivera,Ryan Smith,Andy Feliciano and Anthony Soto. I hope you guys enjoy the edit that is accompanied by a very inspirational/feel good instrumental” – Joe Perez.

Adam Caroselli One Spot Edit

July 30, 2010

Check the edit of Adam Caroselli who’s been skating for 15 years. Adam started skated when he was 11 years-old, now he’s 26 in 2010 and still skating just as strong. Filmed and edited by Richard Corley at the marble ledges on Wall Street in Manhattan, NY.

Three in One Dan Bradham Edit

July 29, 2010

Check the edit of Dan Brandham from Long Island, NY skating a few NYC spots in Harlem and the curved ledges in Wantagh Park, Long Island. Filmed by Alex Lopez. Edited by Dan Bradham.“All of this footage was shot over a few days back in May. A couple spots in Harlem and the best curved ledges ever in Wantagh park” – Dan Bradham.

Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #5

July 29, 2010

“Greg Sturino and I met up with good friend and west coast photographer Jeremy Condamine in the Bronx, then headed out to some spots. We decided to warm-up on this kinked handicapped rail, which is a famous NYC spot located near Fordham University. The rail has been featured in several NYC videos such as “1131,” “Nature ONE,” and “Urban Royalty.” This place is a great warm-up spot, not only because of the perfectly mellow, kinked handi, but also the waxed up c-ledge at the bottom. Most choose to skate this rail from top to bottom, but Greg laced this trick going the other direction. As the rail launched him out onto a large sidewalk, Greg laced this bomb 360. I was able to time the shot perfectly to show the huge air he caught. Shot with one strobe up and left beyond the gate” – Sam DeAngelis.


I Roll NY Clip of the Week #33

July 28, 2010

This week’s Clip of the Week features Staten Island’s Franco Cammayo skating the high ledge in Battery Park located in Manhattan, NY. Filmed during the Lets Roll New York 12 session. This is just one of the big tricks that Franco pulled that day.

Sean Agoliati Remz Flow Edit + Interview

July 28, 2010

“My name is Sean Agoliati. I’m originally for Poughkeepsie, New York, but I have been living in Manhattan for the past two years. I’m 24 years old and I have been skating for about 8 years. My biggest influences that have impacted my skating are my friends who don’t skate, my parents, Tri-State Skate and Greg Keiffer, and of course Remz” – Sean Agoliati. See the full interview on the Remz website.

Austin Paz Eulogy Wheels 2010 Edit

July 27, 2010

New York’s own renaissance man, (videographer, photographer, editor, sponsored skater) Austin Paz, creates a new edit for the new Eulogy 2010 wheels. The edit features Austin shredding the Bayonne, NJ skatepark.

Revoked New York Movie

July 26, 2010

Here’s a post that I’m sure some might find controversial but try to keep an open mind. Revoked is a track bike video featuring a section in New York showcasing skating from Jeph Howard, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, Chris Farmer and Franco Cammayo while the Too Much Love crew was here on tour. As well as Revoked featuring some well known bladers, Two (or more) of the bikers in here, also rollerblade. Hope you can enjoy a different sport showing some love to ours. Blading starts around the ten minute mark. “We went to New York for 2 weeks during the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival. Fonseca was filming for Revoked 2 but more partying went on then riding, so he decided to use the footage for and online edit” – Chris Fonseca.