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51 Rail Closed For Now

April 29, 2011

The famous Byrne park in Parkslope, Brooklyn better known under the title of “51 rail” due to the park featuring one of Brooklyn’s most famous skate spots is under construction. 51 rail has been featured in various NYC and tour videos. No word on when the park will re-open yet. Thanks to Theron Chung for the information and photo.

New CCC Ledges in Queens, NY

April 3, 2010

Jose Disla – Fishbrain. Photo: Cesar Macay

While going through the I Roll NY facebook page I came across this great photo posted last night. According to NYC legend Jose Disla a new set of ledges have been built in the Corona/Flushing area of Queens, NY. The spot looks great and the floor looks extremely smooth. No exact info on where the ledge is at as of now but time will tell. For now check out the dope photo above of Jose lacing a fishbrain on the top ledge. Photo by Cesar Macay.

UPDATE: The ledge(s) are located on Roosevelt Ave & 99th St, Queens, NY 11368.

New Skate Plaza in Queens, NY

March 30, 2010

On the other side of the spectrum of the extreme/alt/action sports world it seems as if a new skate plaza will be built in Queens, NY for a skateboarding contest taking place on June 5-6 which will then be donated to our city to enjoy. The 16,000-square-foot skate plaza will be built in the Flushing Meadows area of Queens, home of the world famous Globe skate spot, featuring obstacles inspired by real NYC skate spots. You can see the notes on the above image of the recreated spots. You can get more information on the plaza here.

On a related note, Jon “Jlyn” Ortiz is already placing bets for someone to finish the black rail that goes half way around the plaza. “…50 cash if you do a simple groove trick…100 if u do a simple soul trick….and 150 cash out my pocket if u savannah that b*tch! And I want PROOF!” – Jon Ortiz.

Devin Thomas One Day Edit

March 12, 2010

Check out the one day edit with Devin Thomas in Long Island, NY. See all the sick switches Devin does at the Wantagh ledges. Filmed and edited by Erik Wagenblast.

“Brooklyn Banks No Match For Bridge Construction” Gothamist Article

November 21, 2009

LMS ’09 at the Brooklyn Banks. Photo: Ray Mendez

I reported earlier last month, that the Brooklyn Banks was said to be shut down until 2014 and it seems as if the Gothamist online newspaper has confirmed the closing. Said to take place in December and now it seems as if the reopening of the Brooklyn Banks is not definite. “The city has made up its mind. Come December, the Brooklyn Banks will be boarded up and transformed into a construction area for the Brooklyn Bridge rehabilitation project, Scott Gastel, spokesperson for the city Dept. of Transportation told Downtown Express. While there is a chance the gritty street-style park may reopen in 2014 with a few new shiny touches, old school…are not psyched on the idea” – Gothamist. The banks is rich with history from every alternative/action/street sport and it seems lame, for a lack of a better term, that it’s getting shut down to make room for construction equipment. You can check out the article at the Gothamist and see what people are saying about the closing. The article ends with a pretty funny quote too.

Brighton Beach Night Session

November 4, 2009

Monday night, November 2nd, 2009 8:30PM, I get an instant message asking me if I’m skating. Thinking it’s the typical Wall street session and considering how my ankle has been acting up lately I’m in the process of writing “no” until I get another text telling me to skate at Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach? Why that’s unheard of! Around 9:30PM I meet up with the two who messaged me Dave Ngo and James Perez along with Steven Perez and Sasha Sergieiev. Knowing that my ankle was still sore, I designated myself as the session’s photographer and caught some photos of the local ledge and a rail to gap into the street spot where James laced. See all the photos after the jump.

Bushwick, Brooklyn Ledge Session Photos

October 20, 2009

Some of the founders of the new ledge in Brooklyn, NY

Earlier this month Angelo Ferrer held a session in Brooklyn, NY to break in a newly discovered ledge that some of the local Bushwick skaters found. The ledge is at Knickerbocker Ave off the M train and is at a local school yard, making the best time to go and session when the school kids are out after 4:00PM. The ledge, or rather ledges, are smooth concrete with not one crack in them and the floor is made up of newly smooth pavement making your run ups and landings just as fun as skating the ledges. During the session we had a contest to see who could clear the long ledge, a game of SKATE, and few other contests where the exclusive Art of Rolling tees were up for grabs. Check the photos after the jump to see some of the action. (more…)

Upper Westside Rolling

October 9, 2009

Check the edit of some of our older skaters in the NYC area. It’s always good to see people still on their skates doing what they love especially when Angel “Smoothy” Bajana is one of them. For those that may not know, Angel helped create a lot of the memorable skate videos from the NYC and East Coast Scene through Nature Skate Video. Along with Smoothy, Hyper Mike and J. Cooper are featured in this edit skating the Columbia rail spot along with other uptown Manhattan, NY spots.

Angelo Ferrer Brooklyn Session Today. New ledge discovered!

October 8, 2009

Click images to enlarge

AOR’s Angelo Ferrer discovered a new ledge spot in Brooklyn, NY recently and decided to share the wealth with everyone through I Roll NY. As you can see the spot is near perfect from the pictures. The floor and ledge look smooth and clean with enough run up on each side to do the entire ledge. Today’s session will take place after 4:00PM. (The ledge is not skateable earlier than 4:00PM. Do not come earlier than four!) Take the M train to Knickerbocker Avenue and walk/skate to Gates Avenue where you’ll arrive at a school yard. Angelo is also offering a free CD with the Art of Rolling issues 1-5 to whomever clears the entire 50 foot ledge first. Walking directions from the M train station to Gates avenue here via google maps

Trevor Johnson September Edit

October 2, 2009

Do you really need me to ramble on about this edit? Two words: Trevor Johnson. You already know it’s going to be sick so just sit back and enjoy. According to Angelo Ferrer this edit was filmed all in one day, yesterday to be exact, just showing you guys how talented Trevor truly is. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby who also got on his grind by producing this in 24 hours.