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I Roll NY is a New York based website that’s purpose is to promote the New York rolling scene. We cover all the news, events and happenings in the area and post New York based edits, graphics, and photos. Our purpose is to better serve the New York community along with the outside rolling community and encourage everyone outside of NY to visit and share our local skate spots.

We also accept submissions on New York based rolling topics. We only ask that you email us at Please remember to include your name, info, contact, and description of what you are submitting along with a link to your media content. Also, add some written information on what you are submitting such as the people featured, the date, location, photographer, videographer…etc. Thank you.

We are currently only posting content that promotes I Roll NY in return.

2 Responses to “Submit Your News”

  1. Christian Brito Says:

    Hey! I tried before, don’t know if it was because my edit was wack or whatever but I Don’t know if you know who I am but I’m Christian Brito. I’m 22 years old and I placed 3rd place in last years KY Battle. I’m from New York City/ Washington heights, Pablo Munoz’s cousin and best friend. I made a one day edit the other day before my birthday on 10/5/10 with my good friend Angel Ramirez at the pit. Angel Ramirez filmed and edited it. The location of a few comps and last man standings. I just got back to skating after breaking my shoulder blading ina comp and getting first place!!! So I hope you enjoy and post!! P.s its pretty short but filled with hammers! Thank you!! And I just noticed I didnt get to promote you guys on my video but if you still post it up I can put it on my ig and Facebook?? Thanks again and hope you enjoy

  2. Siavash Sohrabi Says:

    Siavash Sohrabi is 24 years old, lives in Esfahan (Iran) and skated for almost 11 years. Siavash still had no sponsors and for him it is very hard to buy skates, so he decided to sell his new video as a VOD. Video on Sellfy ($5+).

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