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Conference TV Billy O’Neil Edit

March 27, 2009

      HD version here

Check the latest edit of Billy “Fish” O’Neil since his car accident. Fish recently made the move from Staten Island over to Brooklyn, NY where you can see him skating some of the local Brooklyn spots along with downtown Manhattan, NY spots. “I spent a week with Billy O’Neil to grab some footage for CTV. This is the firsts video since his accident which was over a year ago, he is still not 100% but as you can see…. he is coming back hard!” – Conference TV. Filmed by Matty Watky and Austin Paz.


Made In Poland Premiere Today

March 26, 2009

      preview of Made In Poland

Today is the New York Film Festival premiere of the rollerblading documentary, Made In Poland, by Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki. Check out more information on the theater location, the festival, ticket price, time, and information on Made In Poland on our previous post here. Today being a cloudy rainy day why not go and catch a flick? The festival also provides other short films along with Made in Poland all for the price of one movie ticket so it’s definitely worth the 12 bucks.

Original Made In Poland post here:

John Stephens Online Edit by: Evotek Media Group

March 25, 2009

      HD version here

The guys over at Evotek Media Group created another great edit featuring Bronx, NY’s very own John Stephens. You can see John rocking the new Rollerblade Solo’s in these clips and he kills it with his wall ride to topsoul line. If you’re feeling the music you can thank owner Craig Benabu. “I filmed this a few weeks ago with John over in the Bronx around the Yankee stadium area. It was John’s first day out skating with the RB solo’s. Angelo Ferrer came through and took some pics which are on John’s Myspace page as well as Angelo’s website.” – Chris Cofer (Evotek Media

Brooklyn Banks Session Pictures by: Angelo Ferrer

March 24, 2009

A sample of the crowd (Click to enlarge)

Saturday March 21st was the How We Roll Skate Gathering held at the Brooklyn Banks. Every rollerblader in the tri state area was in attendance. Angelo Ferrer posted up the pictures he took during the session including a couple of photos of Anthony Soto, Avichai, Rafael Herrera, Franco Cammayo, Jesus Medina and many other. Check out some more pictures below and on Angelo Ferrer’s website.

Brooklyn Banks Session Edit by: Hyper Mike

March 24, 2009

Saturday March 21st was the How We Roll Skate Gathering held at the Brooklyn Banks. Every rollerblader in the tri state area was in attendance. Hyper Mike put up this short edit of himself skating during the huge session.

Brooklyn Banks Session Edit by: Mike SP

March 23, 2009

Saturday March 21st was the How We Roll Skate Gathering held at the Brooklyn Banks. Every rollerblader in the tri state area was in attendance. Mike SP of New Jersey recently uploaded this edit of his travel to New York City and some of the tricks that went down that day. Check out Skeptic Media’s Evan G 540 over the down rail while he catches his hat mid spin.


Brooklyn Banks Photos by: Drew Humphrey

March 22, 2009

Devin – AO Top Porn Photo: Drew Humphrey (Click to enlarge)

Devin – Kindgrind Photo: Drew Humphrey (Click to enlarge)

Yesterday’s Brooklyn Banks sessions was a huge turn out. Everyone in New York City, even outside of New York City, came out to session the Banks. Thanks to Johnny Peralta for gathering everyone together. Up are two photos after the huge session died down taken by Drew Humphrey. To see more of Drew’s work check out his Flickr page located under our NY Photographers category. More photos will be up soon.

If you have any photos or videos from yesterday’s session and you’d like to have them featured on I Roll NY please check out our Submit Your News page to see how you can get your work displayed.

Riverside Skate Park Session Today

March 22, 2009

If you’re not too tired from yesterday’s Brooklyn Banks / Haven Arts gallery session the Skeptic Media crew will be at the Riverside Skate Park in Manhattan, NY getting some clips and pics. Riverside Skate Park is free to enter but pads and helmets are typically required along with a signed waiver available upon arrival of the park. The park is located on 108th Street & Riverside Drive in Riverside Park on the lower level. Take the 1 train to 110th street.

Ramelle Knight, John Stephens and Rafael Herrera Edit

March 21, 2009

Ramelle Knight recently put up this edit of himself along with fellow Bronx, NY rollers John Stephens and Rafael Herrera tearing up the skate parks. “Me and the Homies Skating having fun! Enjoy!” – Ramelle Knight

Jordan Baez Photo Submission

March 21, 2009

Jordan – BS Royale Photo: Cesar Macay (Click to enlarge)

Jordan Baez aka Dro/JB submits to us a great photo set of himself skating the Manhattan, NY area featuring Houston street and the midtown area. Check the rest of the photo set below. Photos taken by Cesar Macay. As always, we accept all submissions so check out our Submit your News page for information on how you can get featured. Pictures of Jordan after the jump.