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Tim Adams “Tricks” Profile

January 31, 2011

The Tim Adams section from the DVD “Tricks” Produced by Dave Poe. Circa ’06-’07. Check out Dan Barnes “Tricks” section previously posted.

Shields Edit Numero Two

January 30, 2011

Second Shields edit brought to you by Eric Miller. Featuring Steve Nichols, Brent Scherer, Dave Lang, Eric Miller, Franco Cammayo, Ryan Many, Seiichi Daimo, Shane Kehs, Willie Harvey, Steve Iacono, Chad Caroselli, John Stephens, Shawn Gradilonem, Shawn Martin, Jimmy Shuda, Colin Kelso, Dan Fabiano, Kevin Lebron, Mariah Werkheiser, Mike Hazard, Mikey Roman, Os Velez, Ramelle Knight and more.

iMagyneThat “Fitted” Teaser + Premiere Friday February 11th

January 29, 2011

Check out the teaser for iMagyneThat’s newest release, Fitted. The movie is a compilation of the best skating the Tri-State and New York Scene has to offer! Fitted features sections on Ramelle Knight (NY) Tim Franken (NJ) Dan Breuer (MD) Trevor Johnson (NY) Dan Fabiano (NJ) Jose Henriquez (NY) and Ralphy Herrera (NY) with extra skating from Julian Flanders (MA). There will be a New York City premiere for the film held at The Millennium Film Theater on Friday, February 11th, 2010. Flyer and info below. RSVP via Facebook here.

Date: Friday, February 11th, 2010
Time: 8:00 PM (This is a one time showing! DO NOT BE LATE!)
Entrance Fee: $10.00 (includes a discount on the DVD)
Location: The Millenium Theater (66 East 4th Street)
Train Directions: Take the 4 or 6 train to Bleecker street-Lexington Ave. You may also take the B,D,F,M, to Broadway Lafayette.
Walking directions from both train stops here.

Redhook 2009 Photos

January 28, 2011

Check out these never before seen photos from a winter ’09 session in Redhook, Brooklyn. Featuring Devin Thomas, Dave Ngo, Damian Michalski, Mike Bob, Omar Butt, and Sasha Sergieiev. Photos by Craig Benabu.

Chris Murphy Peep Game

January 27, 2011

Chris Murphy from Long Island, New York rollerblading part. Filmed and edited By Sean Grossman. Music by The Octopus Project.

Vibralux “Charging” Night Trailer

January 26, 2011

First trailer from the Vibralux tour video, Charging, featuring Michael Collins, Sean Kelso, Don Bambrick, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, Brian Freeman, John Bolino, Chris Farmer, and Alex Broskow.

Shields Edit Numero Uno

January 26, 2011

Featuring Willie Harvey, Brent Scherer, Colin MacIsaac, Dan Fabiano, Eric Miller, John Stephens, Matt Scherer, Franco Cammayo, Os Velez, Russ Solorzano, Chad Caroselli, Colin Kelso, Dave Lang, Kevin Lebron, Mariah Werkheiser, Shawn Gradilone, Joe Torres, and Mikey Roman.

Dan Barnes “Tricks” Profile

January 26, 2011

The Dan Barnes section from the DVD “Tricks” Produced by Dave Poe. Circa ’06-’07.

Robert Monegro Oil City Edit

January 25, 2011

Featuring Robert Monegro skating Oil City skatepark in Long Island, NY.

Trevor Johnson Peep Game

January 24, 2011

“I’ve been slacking with these edits as they were just sitting in completion on my computer without being released. Want to finally release them before they get too old. This is Trevors part in my online video with a mixture of footage from 08-10 period. He recently hurt his knee and wasn’t really able to film any new footage but the skating talks for itself. Filmed on a dvx100b mk2 and a vx2100 mk1 int. music by Robust. Stay tuned for the rest of the video to come as well. Thanks” – Sean Grossman.