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New York City Section From Be-Mag by: Tom Lipani

June 22, 2009

Tom Lipani of Just Live Productions just uploaded his New York City section from the first Be-Mag DVD featuring a ton of New York City greats and footage from the East Coast True Skate Comp (ECSTC) 2005. This section is filled with sick tricks and the best of the best of NYC featuring, Alex Nunez, Austin Paz, Anthony Soto, Trevor Johnson, Jon Morciglio, Franco Cammayo, Sam Grimm and plenty others. Appearances from Colin kelso, Jon Jon Bolino and Jeph Howard also make their way into this amazing section featuring skate spots from all over city. Filmed and edited by Tom Lipani. Song is The Beastie Boys – An Open Letter To NYC.

Stanley Hernandez Edit Submission

June 12, 2009

Stanly Hernandez from the Bronx, NY submits his online edit to I Roll NY featuring a ton of different spots all over our area. “I have been skating now for about a year and 10 months. I truly love the sport and love seeing new people get into it and progress. Some of the spots that were in this video were Fordham ledges in the Bronx, Shields skate park in New Jersey, wall street ledges in Manhattan, and “church ledge” in front of Flatline skate shop.” – Stanley Hernandez. Filmed by Dayvon Durant, David Ly, Ravon Durant, and Luigi Rodriguez. Edited by Stanley Hernandez. If you’d like to see your edit or pictures on I Roll NY check out the submit your news page. Thanks Stanley for the edit!

forgive the shakey cam and show some love to the future talent of NYC ;).

Casualty Flow Ryan Smith Online Edit

June 9, 2009

Check the newest member to the Casualty team, Ryan Smith of Long Island, NY. His AO Fish 25 seconds into the edit is the smoothest I’ve seen. Ryan has a lot of big tricks, style and tech switch ups (Top Acid pivot AO Top Porn, one of my favorites.) Spots include the local Long Island area and Oil City Skatepark. “Check out local Long Island ripper, Ryan Smith in his first Casualty Flow edit. Expect to see a lot more from him in the near future.” Joey G. Filmed and edited by Sean Grossman. Song is Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene

John Stephens Online Edit by: Evotek Media Group

March 25, 2009

      HD version here

The guys over at Evotek Media Group created another great edit featuring Bronx, NY’s very own John Stephens. You can see John rocking the new Rollerblade Solo’s in these clips and he kills it with his wall ride to topsoul line. If you’re feeling the music you can thank owner Craig Benabu. “I filmed this a few weeks ago with John over in the Bronx around the Yankee stadium area. It was John’s first day out skating with the RB solo’s. Angelo Ferrer came through and took some pics which are on John’s Myspace page as well as Angelo’s website.” – Chris Cofer (Evotek Media

John Stephens: An Online Introduction By: Evotek Media

February 8, 2009

Evotek Media Group hits us with another edit this time featuring Bronx, NY native John Stephens. Dipskate’s John Stephens, born & raised in the Bronx, repping |B| Unique clothing, and Flat Line Sk8 Shop.

Chris Cofer of Evotek sends us some info saying, “What’s important to understand is that this edit is only showing a little bit of what John Stephens is capable of. There is much more of Mr. Stephens to come in 09 not only from Evotek but from others.” – Chris.

From A thru Z. Video by Jason Staine

January 13, 2009

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video under the name of, A thru Z, which features many New York spots along with some of New York’s finest rollers. I contacted the video’s creator, Jason Staine, and he was nice enough to pass along some of the featured profiles of his video along with some information on it.

Skeptic Media’s Autopsy Full Video Online

January 9, 2009

Navin Hardyal, owner of Skeptic Media, has released his video, Autopsy, online for everyone to view for free. You can see some of New York’s finest rollers tearing up the streets of NY along with many other spots around the US.

Skeptic Media is also working on a new video which should be available just in time for BitterCold so go and support the New York scene.

From SC to NYC: Riley Hilsman Razors Mini Ramp Entry

January 8, 2009

Riley Hilsman, originally from South Carolina is now living in New York City and attending Colombia University. Craig had the pleasure of rolling with Riley last weekend and he is definitely someone worth watching as you can see in his Razors submission. I’m sure you’ll see him shredding the streets of NYC in no time so let’s show him around and watch him lace.

One Magazine Presents: Get Someone to Blade Day!

January 8, 2009

“It’s a new year, now let’s go make some new friends! Each dedicated rollerblader wants to see our sport and culture grow to its fullest potential, and Get Someone to Blade Day is here to remind us that one person can make a difference. But getting a new person on blades is about more than just making a new rollerblader, it’s a chance to share the unique awesomeness that is blade culture with new people; to pass the fun you get from blading on to someone else’s life. It’s a win-win situation all around. So don’t be shy. Keep your old blades in your trunk and when you hit up the park next time, get them on a pair of feet. Drag your non-skating friends in with you to the local skate shop. Bring ‘em to the video premieres and events in your area.” – One Magazine. More on the story here

We here at I Roll NY love this concept and appreciate One Magazine for leading the way in branching out to your non-rolling friends. So New York rollers, tell the people you chill at with school, on the block, or just in genereal to come by and check out your favorite skate video. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and it’ll be a topic starter. Bring them into the culture you’re apart of and let them shockingly ask, “Oh sh*t, you do that?” and you can proudly say, “Yes!” Check out some of the designs for this campaign below, designed by Chris Piasci.


Two Razors Mini Ramp entries from Rochester, New York

January 7, 2009

Our neighbors in Rochester have submitted two online edits for the Razors mini ramp contest we posted about earlier on in December. Check out the talent they’ve brought to the online world featuring Eric Hallimen and Grant Hazelton.
Filmed by Ryan Schindler, Cory Lennon, Stefan Brandow, and Matt Shannon. Full edit here.