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What’s Duh Vibez Episode 3

September 28, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 5.59.27 PM

Check out episode three of What’s Duh Vibez brought to you by Ghetto Community. “The gang got out the city for the weekend and drove to the neck of the woods in Wooward. Long from Oak City and Cameron Card from Woodward oragnized a blade only weekend. It was too hectic and way too much fun to gather everything but this what we got for you! Good looks Woodward we see yah soon! 100. Featuring Christopher Dejesus, Travis DIaz, Grant Hazelton, Steven “Chino” Sin, Erick Rodriguez, Eric Estrada, Mal Ashby, Airtothe, and more.” – Ghetto Community.

City Slickaz Weekly 3

August 14, 2012

Featuring Jesus Medina, Nigel HoSang, Dillin Eric, Joey Lunger, Jeffrey Mateo, George Davis, Jay Bee, John Dorio, Quang Trinh, Ulises Luque, Sean Grossman, and Travis Diaz.

Dusting Tapes Off Montage 2

June 13, 2012

“More emptying out footage still have tons to go but hope you enjoy Featuring Alex Ryerson, Travis Diaz, Jordan Baez, Sean Reynolds, Mikey Roman, Franco Cammayo, Sal Zaso and many more” – Jordan Baez. See the first part here.

Travis Diaz Christmas Clips at Pier 25

January 5, 2012

“On Christmas me and Travis Diaz decided to blade before we spent some time with the family and got some cool footage. Park was kind of dead so we got some shit done” – Jordan Baez.

Pardon My Homies Montage

December 31, 2011

Some clips i filmed of some of my close friends. Located mainly in manhattan Ny, Bladers featured are Jake Rod, Mal Ashby, Travis Diaz, Billy Gonzalez, Gary Grissom, Jordan Baez, Cody “Jedi”. Hope you enjoy. Filmed by June Kim, Jordan Baez, “Jedi”, and Shawn Reynolds.

Lower East Side Edit

September 14, 2010

Check out the latest edit from the LES crew featuring Chris DeJesus, Jonathan Bowers, John Estrella, Ryan Many, Jordan Baez, Travis Diaz, Tim Franken, Jan Teurlinckx, Jose Henriquez, Ramelle Knight, Suki Davila and more. Edited by Jason Rivera.