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Featuring Austin Croteau, Sal Zaso, Sean Grossman, Philip Weaver, Billy Gonzalez, John Dorio, Troy Hanner, Daniel Hiro Stewart, Neal Acosta, Chino Sin, Arsenio Patterson, Xavier Gilliam, Kevin Cintron, Hector Rodriguez, Lamar Johnson, Arismendy Canela, Angelo Ferrrer, Jeffrey Dalnas, Joey Lunger, Jordan Baez, Trevor Johnson, Adonis Taylor, Osbel Velez, Christian Brito, Anthony Marasa, Moises Rivera, Zach Cramer, Taylor Kobryn, Chris Santiago, Alex Ryerson, and more! “More Boschi Pope Skate Off 2018 edits have been released. Check the latest from Timergy, “Footage from 2013-2016 I was too busy to work on, but I finally had the time to finish it. Enjoy! Out Sept 22nd. SESHCLIPS 2013-2016 FILM. RUNTIME: 12 MINUTES.” – SESHCLIPS.


One Response to “SESHCLIPS Trailer”

  1. fuckyou Says:

    wow 3 years of shity fisheye filming and mic that sounds like a earthquake with peeps that barly even skate anymore. garbage.

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