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What’s Duh Vibez Episode 3

September 28, 2018

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Check out episode three of What’s Duh Vibez brought to you by Ghetto Community. “The gang got out the city for the weekend and drove to the neck of the woods in Wooward. Long from Oak City and Cameron Card from Woodward oragnized a blade only weekend. It was too hectic and way too much fun to gather everything but this what we got for you! Good looks Woodward we see yah soon! 100. Featuring Christopher Dejesus, Travis DIaz, Grant Hazelton, Steven “Chino” Sin, Erick Rodriguez, Eric Estrada, Mal Ashby, Airtothe, and more.” – Ghetto Community.

NYC Freestyle Rollerblading Documentary

October 29, 2010

“This little piece I consider a low bow of gratitude for what rollerblading has given me for so many years, and what it continues to offer me. I find that even though life catches up to you and interests often change, I find myself always glancing back. This is also a big cheers to the guys that are rollerblading’s future, some of whom clearly prove it on a daily basis. Many of these legends I now consider friends. Thank you to everyone who was part of my little school project which I was fortunate to show at BAM Cinemas in Brooklyn” – Andrey Piontkovski.

Lets Roll NY Session 9 Footage

June 26, 2010

Lets Roll NY Session 9 took place at the River Avenue Skatepark in the Bronx, NY on June 12, 2010. A lot of skaters from all over NYC came out to session the new skatepark and the ledges by the newly built Yankee stadium. Skaters include (in order of appearance) Chauncey Jenkins, John Stephens, Erick Rodriguez, Malik Ashby, Evan Grimball, Jose Henriquez, Hector Rodriguez, Eric Estrada, Ryan Many, Shardy Nieves, Edgar Sanchez, Quang Trinh, and John Estrella.