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ODNY: Carlos Montenegro 2012

January 23, 2012

My Brother–Family Carlos M. from the Bronx. Fun skating, hope you enjoy. Filmed and edited by David Toro.

Trevor Johnson “Dinner Clips” Edit

November 12, 2011

“This edit is brought to you by a chill session in Queens, NY that turned into a line frenzy. Trevor Johnson, now residing in Long Island still makes time to come out and kill it. Enjoy” – ODNY.

ODNY “Mofongo” Montage

October 29, 2011

“The following edit is a compilation of old and new clips with the family. Whether catching a clip for a quick laugh or just fooling around and discovering something new–rolling is undoubtedly something I really enjoy doing and documenting. Thanks to everyone who comes out to session without any expectations but to have fun.

More edits coming soon. A few solo projects in the works with specific people. Boom!” – ODNY.

2011 Last Man Standing ODNY Edit

September 26, 2011

“2011 Last Man Standing comp put together by Victor Callender and Wheels In Motion went down without any problems. Despite the lack of support from a lot of people in recent days prior to the comp, New York City still made it a great event. Thanks to all of the skaters who showed up to support and all the major crews who made appearances. Our scene only keeps on growing and the prominent figures continue building–feels great to have everyone come together to make something out of nothing” – ODNY.

NYC Street Invitational by ODNY

August 24, 2011

“We weren’t suppose to cover this competition but a good friend was awesome enough to hook up the media pass. Immediately when looking at the obstacles, the NY Invitational sets it self apart from all other comps. Offering unique spots to skate like an old beat up Cadillac, constructions tubes, U-haul trailer, and a huge dumpster to name a few. Not to mention that this comp was very reminiscent of the old IMYTA competitions. The obstacles were all put together by the craftsmanship of Jose Disla & the C.O. team along with other NY locals that showed up the day of construction to support and offer a helping hand. New York owes such a great competition to the Bernal Heights Collective–a medicinal marijuana shop from San Francisco whom sponsored the events large prize” – ODNY.

ODNY Small Summer Drop

August 20, 2011

ODNY is dropping 2 new high quality tees today at the NYC Street Invitational. Make sure to get yours before they’re sold out! “Here is the summer drop as promised. Featuring the ODNY1 logo and the classic bubble joint. Printed on Organic American Apparel garments. We also have these in XL! Definitely higher quality than our first drop of shirts. Support! Will be selling these joints at both upcoming comps for a discounted price of $25 USD straight!” – ODNY. See more photos at the ODNY site.

Dominik Wagner NYC Photograhy Book + ODNY Interview

June 21, 2011

I Roll NY gave a sneak peak into Dominik Wagner’s NYC based photography book, Wasteland, in it’s previous online interview and now Dominik has released it online for all to see. Wasteland features photos from Wagner’s stay here in NYC and includes local skaters such as Shardy Nieves, Franco Cammayo, James Perez and many more. View Wasteland here. “The name Wasteland came up in my mind one day during my trip, I was sitting in the car and it was moving super fast, everything was passing by like a movie. Damaged cars, broken houses, and graffiti everywhere. I started to feel like this is such a wasteland! No disrespect to where I was staying, the great thing about the title it self is that it’s very open to interpretation. At the time being, that’s just the feeling that the title evoked. NYC has so many great places to skate” – Dominik Wagner.

ODNY talked with Wagner and discussed his photography work as well as the gallery opening for Wasteland “From skating road rash, rolling “cleanliness”, and eclectic personalities, these photos capture it all. These lifestyle shots of skating and everyday routines, really come to light through D-wags photography by setting the tone and bringing forth composition and texture to give you a sense of the daily culture and characters that are part of our scene. Dominik was awesome enough to talk about his latest project with us. This book marks Dom’s graduation from Lette-Verein Berlin where he is now certified as a photodesigner” – ODNY. View the interview and more photos from Wasteland on ODNY.

NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Edit by ODNY

June 9, 2011

“Our best wishes go out to Dave Hoteling. NYC decided to dedicate this comp to fellow rollerblader and close friend, Dave Hoteling who was very badly injured after being crushed by a truck while riding his bike home on memorial day weekend. We wish you could have been here brother, it’s truly a very tragic incident and I hope you recover soon my friend. Jon Ortiz had the pleasure of meeting with Dave’s parents and were shocked to find out that his skate friends had come to visit him at the hospital while he was still in the ICU. This is what brought the idea forth to show Dave’s parent how tight our community is. We all then agreed to get two huge poster boards and let everyone write on them, leaving Dave with all sorts of good things. We know this is a very dim and hard time for Dave’s family but we have only the best hopes that Dave will recover and be back along side his friends and family. OD is rooting for you Dave!” – ODNY.

“I was fortunate to attend and capture a bunch of fun times at the ACF comp that went down this past week. It was definitely a better turn out than most expected. Despite being kicked out from two spots (one being the second round stadium down rails in Staten), we were still able to have fun and make it work. This edit covers a third of the first round, all the way to the last round which was all captured on Staten Island. As you may have already seen in other edits covering this competition, most of the first round went down in Manhattan at Battery Park before getting kicked out. Unlucky for me because I had gotten there literally three tricks before getting the boot from the parks department. None the less, we still got some good moments on camera. Big thanks to Ray Mendez, Kyle Sola, Craig Benabu, Jon Ortiz, Flip The Script, AOR, Hyper Mike, I Roll NY, and all the skaters that came out to support! Last but not least, thanks to ACF for reaching out to NYC to organize such an event” – ODNY.

New ODNY Stickers

April 24, 2011

On a street corner near you. ODNY.

Kyle Solá Roll Series

April 19, 2011

“The following piece is a project that was brought forth by Pratt student, Christine Santanastaso for her senior thesis entitled: Roll Series which is a display of conceptual Jewelry conceived and complemented by the culture of rolling. Christine’s final works will be on display as well as this visual piece at her upcoming show. Further details below” – David Toro.

“Through rolling, abstractions are created on various surfaces through movements, memories and shapes. The idea of this collection is to communicate the relationship the body has with static objects when they are being used as a catalyst for movement. The visual contrast between the weightless body of the skater and the stagnant materials surrounding them is translated into wearable objects that represent the kinetic qualities of street skating. This body of work is a result of a series of abstract formal studies into the visual relationship between a moving figure and static, decaying architectural lines, planes and volumes. This collection of jewelry celebrates this beautifully balanced relationship that is showcased through the art form of street skating” -Christine Santanasto.