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June 14, 2015

Featuring Kyle Sola, Augusto Castillo, Nate Moore, Sean Miller, Eddie Chung, Mike Torres, Ian Copp, and Edwin Rodriguez.

Deals: Homies

April 16, 2015

Homies section from Deals. Featuring Ryan Rasmussen, Ariel Surun, Kyle Sola, Hector Gonzalez, Geoff Levy, Justin Brasco, Sal Zaso, Robert Guerrero, Augusto Castillo, Sean Grossman, Nate Moore, Matthias St. John, and Robbie Pitts. Main Camera – Christian Delfino. Cut – Christian Delfino w/ help from Alex Ryerson & Tadd Labozzetta. Super 8 Footage – Nate Moore. Additional Camera – Sean Grossman + Alex Ryerson + Nate Moore + Tadd Labozzetta + Cory Cross + Justin Marquis + Joey Scannellan.

Long Island Montage

January 26, 2012

Footage from the past year of skating figured it was time to get it out there

Skating from Nick Orena, Alex Karayannis, Fabian Rubio, Julian DiVietro, Bobby Sullivan, Mike (nugget) Fischer, Joey Lunger, James Mandato, Glenn Jersey, Kyle Sola, Billy Meslin

Main camera – Bobby Reichel

additional filmers- Alex Karayannis, Glenn Jersey, Bobby Sullivan, Fabian Rubio

music – common: blue sky

Oil City Christmas Session

December 25, 2011

Skating from Bobby Reichel, Sean Grossman, Glenn Jersey, Pat Mcelhinney, Vinny Torres, Neil Diskin, Kyle Sola, Austin Sullivan, Andrew Albarracin, Alex Karayannis, Johnny Ramirez, Dave Herrera, Fabian, and Justin Brasco.

Filmed by Glenn Jersey, Sean Grossman, Austin Sullivan, and Bobby Reichel.

Summer Montage feat Abdiel Coldberg, Ryan Jacklone & Many More

August 11, 2011

Check out the latest from Cesar Macay and Ryan Many. Featuring skating from Val Vera, Steve Cortez, Hector Gonzalez, Danny Figgz, Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Christian Delfino, Kyle Sola, Ryan Jacklone, and Abdiel Coldberg.

Kyle Solá Roll Series

April 19, 2011

“The following piece is a project that was brought forth by Pratt student, Christine Santanastaso for her senior thesis entitled: Roll Series which is a display of conceptual Jewelry conceived and complemented by the culture of rolling. Christine’s final works will be on display as well as this visual piece at her upcoming show. Further details below” – David Toro.

“Through rolling, abstractions are created on various surfaces through movements, memories and shapes. The idea of this collection is to communicate the relationship the body has with static objects when they are being used as a catalyst for movement. The visual contrast between the weightless body of the skater and the stagnant materials surrounding them is translated into wearable objects that represent the kinetic qualities of street skating. This body of work is a result of a series of abstract formal studies into the visual relationship between a moving figure and static, decaying architectural lines, planes and volumes. This collection of jewelry celebrates this beautifully balanced relationship that is showcased through the art form of street skating” -Christine Santanasto.

ODNYE: Evotek Best Trick Contest

February 21, 2011

“Evotek crew was awesome enough to sponsor the best trick contest at the New Year’s Eve skate jam this past year by giving away $100 of their own personal money. Drink, skate, have the best time, and win a $100 just by doing what already comes natural to you? Dope. Truly a fun filled event that even I myself wasn’t expecting. There are some clips thrown in the mix just out of humor. Don’t take offense, it was for the sake of fun. The following footage consists of everything that was thrown down in rather subsequent order that lead up to the finale of the BT contest. Neil Diskin’s name is spelled wrong in the edit so apologies for that” – David Toro. See the previous photos and edit from the box jam here.

NYC Freestyle Rollerblading Documentary

October 29, 2010

“This little piece I consider a low bow of gratitude for what rollerblading has given me for so many years, and what it continues to offer me. I find that even though life catches up to you and interests often change, I find myself always glancing back. This is also a big cheers to the guys that are rollerblading’s future, some of whom clearly prove it on a daily basis. Many of these legends I now consider friends. Thank you to everyone who was part of my little school project which I was fortunate to show at BAM Cinemas in Brooklyn” – Andrey Piontkovski.

Lets Roll NY Session 12 Footage

July 24, 2010

“So I decided to film some of the tricks that went down during the Lets Roll NY sesh last night. Bladers in the video are Montre Livingston, James Perez, Kyle Sola, and some other dude (haha sorry man.. dont know your name.) Filmed with my iPhone 3gs” – Victor Vizcaino.

The Kyle Sola USD Prototype Skates

December 30, 2009

An overview of the step by step process of the prototypes. (Click to enlarge)

One of the most talked about subjects in the past month or so is the prototype skates that creator Kyle Sola has been working on and showcased during The Truth 2 premiere. The project has been underwraps to most but now Kyle gives an exclusive look into the USD prototype skates he has been working on. Not only is Kyle creating a new boot but also a new frame concept that looks amazing. Get more info and see more pics from Kyle Sola after the jump.