One Day NY: The Beasts!

“As of lately, I’ve been on a overall mission to get rid of all my footage before the summer starts. The following clips are a mixture of very recent material or footage that has been shot within the past three years. We started ODNY really small with just a handful of local skaters in Queens, NY and have had the pleasure of expanding the crew and friends beyond the scope of our own city. While we continue to grow in very tiny increments, this edit is for everyone who has supported us from day one. If we’ve filmed with you before and have yet to see any of your footage in our edits, don’t worry you shall see your stuff soon. We have much bigger plans in stored for the summer like a new more user friendly site and possibly our first very own video production. Stay tuned” – ODNY.


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26 Responses to “One Day NY: The Beasts!”

  1. ? Says:

    this shit is straight fire swag on hundred trillion!!!!!

  2. coolguy Says:

    fucking sweet. odny is the best thing to come out of new york city fuck the other crewss!! i love your edits man , keep it up

  3. annon Says:

    wow you guys are amazing love the editing love the music keep it up odny video whatttttttt fucking illness

  4. annon Says:

    love nyc ,great edit

  5. p. Says:



    ^ agreed ramelle knight has the best style

  7. Mal ashby Says:

    Tubular as fuck

  8. davengo Says:

    awesome edit!!!!!!!

  9. Yannes Sootes Says:

    OH SHIT! That was SO ILL! Everyone did an excellent job! I miss skating with everyone up there. ATL GA skaters are so hard to get a hold of. Plus they so gaurded and barely come out even though its well over 60 degrees out here…. Fucking weaksauce. Loved this edit though… Keep up the good work !!

  10. Rosko Jenkins Says:

    good shit, some real nyc skating

  11. CK Says:

    this dude said ramelle has the best style WTF? Keep smoking crack and skating ledges thehonesttruth

  12. pantsman Says:

    james pick up ya dom pontz

  13. davengo Says:

    james pants alone is better than you at skating.

  14. Lol Says:

    With that comment you pretty much unbuttoned his pants and stuck his penis in your mouth davengo

  15. c2g Says:

    really good 1

  16. David Toro Says:

    Dang, JP got the birthday cake. AYO!

  17. davengo Says:

    damn i guess im gay.

    his pantz are still better than you.

  18. Loso Says:


  19. David Toro Says:

    Buahaha, well said Dave. Los wants some of the birthday cake too.

  20. MICHAEL V. Says:

    lets ah… bro it out real quick. dave you got the game cube right ?

  21. Loso Says:

    hahahahahaha!!!! …. i got the candles dave got the frosting!

  22. David Toro Says:

    I got the Natty Ice. I guess Los & JP gunna have to split the trees and the unspeakable item. BUAHAHAHAHA. GAY!

  23. Newsline Says:

  24. davengo Says:

    Fuck it yo im bringing the extra remotes.

    Can someone call james perez and tell his pants to come?

  25. MICHAEL V. Says:

  26. wakaaa JF motherfuckaaa! Says:

    dude Yo bro whos going to bcsd I’ll bring my gamecube and copy on waiting lmaooo that nigga came in in his boxers ready for it bro lol

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