ODNY: Carlos Montenegro 2012

My Brother–Family Carlos M. from the Bronx. Fun skating, hope you enjoy. Filmed and edited by David Toro.

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20 Responses to “ODNY: Carlos Montenegro 2012”

  1. Juice Says:

    I’m never disappointed with ODNY content. Much respect

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty chill and nice edit. Keep it up ODNY

  3. Louie Mane Says:

    word this was wave!

  4. Ramelle Knight Jr. Says:

    yo this shit was poppin slime!

  5. mau bak Says:

    awesome! name of song?

  6. jock Says:

    so fackin illy mc silly

  7. David Toro Says:

    Song: Waka Flocka Flame – Bricksquad

    Thanks for the support ya’ll! Despite the hate, we’re still going to be up!

  8. Alex (wash heightz) Says:

    Edit was simply dope … i read the comments on Rollernews …. people that hated made me laugh so bad ,can they honesty realistically say their better then you… haters always gonna hate

  9. David Toro Says:

    Haha, agreed man. Some of the stuff is pretty ridiculous but always funny to read. Then again, who goes to rollernews to read positive comments anyway? I could block RN from putting our edits up but then that would take the fun out of the anon lames that want to hate.

    If all our best skaters can’t get us back into the x-games, I don’t understand some peoples point of view when they hate our edits and feel like we set skating back a million years. If people are so bent and worried about the state of NYC skating, by all means I encourage you get out there and do a better job. I applaud and give credit where it’s due. I’m not doing this to act all pretentious like OD is the best and we have the biggest and best talent in NYC. If that were the case, then you would see a lot more of old school or iconic talent in our edits that people around the world are more familiar with. That being said, I do have footage and up coming edits with some known names. We do this for fun and when I edit, it’s for fun. Usually trying something I probably never did before—That goes hand in hand with skating for me.

  10. Alex (wash heightz) Says:

    keep doing your thing man , block out the haters 😉

  11. CJ Says:

    Nice!!! Props to ODNY, NYC all day!!!

  12. LOSO Says:

    Thannks for the love NY

  13. jash NYC Says:

    the people on rollernews are blind ODNY all day support the supporters

  14. new york city Says:

    is the artist Admad jamal for the song? if not who is and the name please

  15. David Toro Says:

    Gunna go on rollernews with this for them spiteful ass haters. Haha.

  16. Jordan Baez Says:

    This was ill! Dt always using the elevator music haha! My boy blackkk!

  17. Ramelle Knight Jr. Says:

    this was pretty dope, i just wish carlos cleaned his skating up a little.

  18. David Toro Says:

    lol all day jb!

  19. davengo Says:


    me los and evan grimball are the three darkest mother fuckas in new york

  20. Dorian Holder Says:

    soo dopeeee

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