Kyle Solá Roll Series

“The following piece is a project that was brought forth by Pratt student, Christine Santanastaso for her senior thesis entitled: Roll Series which is a display of conceptual Jewelry conceived and complemented by the culture of rolling. Christine’s final works will be on display as well as this visual piece at her upcoming show. Further details below” – David Toro.

“Through rolling, abstractions are created on various surfaces through movements, memories and shapes. The idea of this collection is to communicate the relationship the body has with static objects when they are being used as a catalyst for movement. The visual contrast between the weightless body of the skater and the stagnant materials surrounding them is translated into wearable objects that represent the kinetic qualities of street skating. This body of work is a result of a series of abstract formal studies into the visual relationship between a moving figure and static, decaying architectural lines, planes and volumes. This collection of jewelry celebrates this beautifully balanced relationship that is showcased through the art form of street skating” -Christine Santanasto.

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8 Responses to “Kyle Solá Roll Series”

  1. not exactly hating Says:

    that was one big fragment fuck!

  2. evan g Says:

    wheres that last spot at?

  3. los Says:

    Evan u never been to that park? ill take u we out this weekend!

  4. bobbyreichel Says:

    that was sick

  5. v4l Says:

    dope as hell

  6. kyle Says:

    thanks bobby!

  7. Mike bob Says:

    So dope! One of my favorite edits in recent months!

  8. soulassasins Says:

    where are those rails? i need to hit them asap.

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