First Look: New Skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens

ozone park skate park 2

Queens will be home to a new skatepark this year in the Ozone park neighborhood. Tom Lipani snapped a quick photo of the building process during one of the many snowy days we’ve had this winter. The Queens Courier posted details on the newly built park over the summer saying, “It will be part of planned renovations to London Planetree Playground, officials said. The park will be bordered by Atlantic and 95th Avenues, and 88th and 89th Streets. The skate park will include sets of two-, three- and five-step stairs, grind rails, hubba ledges, a stamped brick quarter pipe and a series of banks and slopes, according to the Parks Department. When completed, this will be the sixth city-run skate park in Queens” – Terence M. Cullen, Queens Courier. Though the skatepark does look near completion already, it’s rumored to open during the fall season of 2013. Check out the plans for the completed park below. You can also read more about the park at ShutUpandSkate.

Ozone park skate park 1

Top Photo: Tom Lipani. Bottom Photo: Queens Courier.

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2 Responses to “First Look: New Skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens”

  1. zal Sazo Says:

    Sickk. Right in the neightborhood (50 walking steps from Stiffie) :-p
    I dont get how it’s supposed to be ready by Autumn. So far away. It’s almost done nOw in the damn snowww

  2. steven amco Says:

    damn bro tht was myold hood :/ now i regret moving lol

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