Clip Of The Week Volume 2 Episode 5

One, two, three, four, fif! NYC was lucky enough to have 2, count ‘em, 2 days of good weather this past week. Seeing that the warm weather would be gone by the weekend, I knew we had to get something productive done. We managed to get a new banner shot the first day (which you can see up top) and the second day we had a real street session…finally. Jose Henriquez hit us up letting us know he wanted to be featured in the next Clip Of The Week. So we met up, filmed, and boom! We got it. It’s as simple as that. Want to be featured in a future episode? All it takes is a little initiative.

Jose managed to get this week’s C.O.W. right before he had to leave for work and after he had already injured his ankle earlier during the session. Check it out and make sure to subscribe to see all of the I Roll NY videos first!

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One Response to “Clip Of The Week Volume 2 Episode 5”

  1. mikey roman Says:

    1, 2, 3, 4, FIF!

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