Mike Obedoza NYC Interview via ONE

So, NYC; do you usually vacation in the city? What made you head over there this year?
I have stopped by NYC before on a road trip with a couple of friends from Chicago, and another time I went with a friend from Jersey that was road tripping to take her car home from California. I didn’t get to blade those two times, I just got drunk and did a bunch of tourist things on those trips. When I was there I was always aching to blade. I even walked through the Brooklyn banks wishing I had my blades and then they shut it down (talk about blue balls). For my job in California I have to commute and sit in traffic, so for a vacation I wanted to go somewhere there was public transportation. I wanted to take a breather from Cali. NYC has an amazing culinary scene, and all the great spots I’ve seen in VGs and recent edits, not to mention I have some really good friends that I wanted to share space with. So, yeah, NYC was calling my name.

How would you describe the differences between the blade scenes in LBC vs NYC? Same idea, how are they similar?
The LBC, or LA in general, unites through the Monday night sessions at Northside bladepark, The Chosen-few First Sundays, or the Thursday night blade in Orange County at Mariners bladepark. In NYC there is a website, irollny.com, that unites the community over there. They have themed events and competitions. Anytime I needed to know what was going on, I knew where to go. I went to a battle comp in Astoria park up in Queens where it was themed after playing a game of B.L.A.D.E. where you have to call out your closest friend or someone from a different borough. Then there was a rookie competition at McCarren bladepark in Brooklyn where kids who were only a few months into the blade game were able to win prizes. That was awesome to be there and watch the future being nurtured by the local OGs. There are a lot of new kids out there. So fresh that they didn’t have a clue who Dustin Latimer was. They’ll learn soon, I’m sure of it, but, wow. LBC and NYC are similar in that their community has groups within the blader group. Some people blade with each other and some don’t, but I guess as long as we’re all doing the same thing, it’s all love. Read the full interview at the ONE Magazine website.

Source: http://believeinone.com

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