One Day at the Piers with Chris Kolodziej

Featuring Chris Kolodziej skating the Pier 25 and Pier 62 skateparks in Manhattan, NY.


8 Responses to “One Day at the Piers with Chris Kolodziej”

  1. sickofwackedits Says:

    why did you even post this its short and the clips are wack as hell chris is good but this edits is crap yo

  2. sickofwackedits Says:

    Just cause its ny dosent mean you should throw it on their craig come on man there has to be a limit to how crappy and edit is even if it has ny skaters in it. I Roll Ny is a great site and a great idea ut honestly its all groms with no filming skills or with wack tricks on this site everyday to the point where i stopped checkin it regularly cause the edits were so wack. Last summer this site was poppin a session every week to look forward too and good quality smh now its just recycled news and groms what happened and i know we wanna show all ny talent but not every kid with skates is talented so come on man be smart on what to post we want the world to see our city in the right light not buns ass edits of the same spots featuring groms PLEASE FIX THIS lol so that this site is ill again

  3. annonamous Says:

    ^man your lame lol chris sick tricks man

  4. Chris Kolodziej Says:

    Wack ass people put shit up here without a real name attached.

    If edits are that good they get put on bemag or whatever …this a site that all things rollerblading out of NY should be shared. Good and bad. Its awesome to have a site like this since most states probably don’t. It’s the only place you can see lil rippers out of or around NY(which is awesome to watch) and see them grow over the years. And you get to see some good edits too, but you get some crap along the way. It’s a product of a site like this, deal with it.

    And this motherfucker above who put this hate paragraph under my edit. Go fuckin lick a dick grom

  5. Djskates139 Says:

    I agree w| chris; this edits filming was fine but when the filming is bad its a problem cuss i like to kno whats going on -___- lol

  6. bobbyreichel Says:

    i dunno what u guys are talking bout this is one of the better things on here…. ao topsoul and zero fish were fire on the down ledge… keep doing your thing kolodziej

  7. jamesm Says:

    edit was good but that song was used in micheal brauds section in we are valo

  8. OMGRLY? Says:

    OMG the song was used before?????!!!!!!!!
    ISN’T THAT ILLEGAL????!!!!!!

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