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ONE Magazine: A New York Minute

November 30, 2017

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In October 2017 ONE magazine spent a single afternoon in Manhattan skating with Austin Paz, Ariel Surun and Abdiel Colberg. This is a look at that session and the spirit of blading in the city. ” – One Blade Mag.

New York City: September Sessions via ONE

November 29, 2016

One Magazine published a new article featuring coverage of the New York City blade scene with photos and words by former local photographer Drew Humphrey. “It has been about two years since I last visited back home, so I thought it was time I went back to New York City, which I did September 20-27. I was excited for all the skating and seeing all my friends. Though I moved to Portland about two and half years ago and can never imagine moving back to NYC, it is always nice to visit” – Drew Humphrey. See all the photos and read the full article here.

Source: One Blade Mag

Pablo Munoz Kaltik X ONE Big Break Contest Entry

January 29, 2013

Pablo Munoz enters the Kaltik X ONE Magazine online edit contest for the chance to win a $1,000 travel budget. You can vote for Pablo here.

Joey Lunger Kaltik X ONE Big Break Contest Entry

January 24, 2013

Joey Lunger enters the Kaltik X ONE Magazine online edit contest for the chance to win a $1,000 travel budget. You can vote for Joey here.

Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #12

October 22, 2011

“I would never in a million years fathom anyone attempting this trick. Back in April of this year the Valo team came into NYC to film for Valo “Five.” I contacted Jon Julio to see what his plans were and he replied with an invitation to come out for the day and shoot with the team. As I met the guys at LES park they were already scoping the area for tricks.

Erik Bailey was checking out this huge gap to ledge and decided he would charge it at full speed. The first couple of attempts ended with him rolling like a log across the blacktop for ten feet but somehow coming out unscathed each time. Finally, after setting up my flashes, I caught this shot just in time. He flew at this Disaster Mute Grab to Back Royale as Victor Arias caught the clip. This shot was taken with my Canon T2i at 1/160, f6.3, 400, with flashes placed bottom left and top right” – Sam DeAngelis.


Hillel Dov ONE Photo Journal

September 5, 2011

“It was hot outside and Angelo Ferrer from Art of Rolling set up a shoot for me. So I got my ass all the way from Union Ave in Brooklyn to 168th St. in the City. A kid named Pablo is on the phone trying to explain to me where he is.

Ledges. He keeps swearing I should see ledges. Every time I ask him for some other reference he keeps telling me he’s standing on ledges. I finally see him and can’t help but feel misled. Considering this was a reference for location, I kept looking for something elevated. Whatever happened to calling these planters?! But I digress.

Pablo Munoz and Anddy Feliciano are two talented skaters and they did their thing. Chauncy Jenkins showed up and really got the session going. All of a sudden the ledge wasn’t challenging enough for everyone. I don’t remember who specifically started it, but it became clear that only tricks done over the grating were going to count from here on out. Among many tricks, Pablo laced this fishbrain.

D300,1/250, f9, ISO200, 18mm. One Vivitar 285 set to 1/8 power. Cactus remotes” – Hillel Dov.


Mike Obedoza NYC Interview via ONE

July 29, 2011

So, NYC; do you usually vacation in the city? What made you head over there this year?
I have stopped by NYC before on a road trip with a couple of friends from Chicago, and another time I went with a friend from Jersey that was road tripping to take her car home from California. I didn’t get to blade those two times, I just got drunk and did a bunch of tourist things on those trips. When I was there I was always aching to blade. I even walked through the Brooklyn banks wishing I had my blades and then they shut it down (talk about blue balls). For my job in California I have to commute and sit in traffic, so for a vacation I wanted to go somewhere there was public transportation. I wanted to take a breather from Cali. NYC has an amazing culinary scene, and all the great spots I’ve seen in VGs and recent edits, not to mention I have some really good friends that I wanted to share space with. So, yeah, NYC was calling my name.

How would you describe the differences between the blade scenes in LBC vs NYC? Same idea, how are they similar?
The LBC, or LA in general, unites through the Monday night sessions at Northside bladepark, The Chosen-few First Sundays, or the Thursday night blade in Orange County at Mariners bladepark. In NYC there is a website,, that unites the community over there. They have themed events and competitions. Anytime I needed to know what was going on, I knew where to go. I went to a battle comp in Astoria park up in Queens where it was themed after playing a game of B.L.A.D.E. where you have to call out your closest friend or someone from a different borough. Then there was a rookie competition at McCarren bladepark in Brooklyn where kids who were only a few months into the blade game were able to win prizes. That was awesome to be there and watch the future being nurtured by the local OGs. There are a lot of new kids out there. So fresh that they didn’t have a clue who Dustin Latimer was. They’ll learn soon, I’m sure of it, but, wow. LBC and NYC are similar in that their community has groups within the blader group. Some people blade with each other and some don’t, but I guess as long as we’re all doing the same thing, it’s all love. Read the full interview at the ONE Magazine website.


ONE Photo Journal: Sam DeAngelis #11

June 28, 2011

“As winter came to a close, the New York City blade scene ignited. In late February, Angelo Ferrer of Art of Rolling Magazine contacted bladers about touring with them throughout the city to shoot some of NYC’s finest before the summer heat took over. We headed to Queens first, not only for the abundance of fresh spots, but also because we rarely get the boot. While in Long Island City Angelo spotted this fashion rail as we skated our way to another spot, and before we knew it Chauncey Jenkins was already hitting backslides. I grabbed my bag, set up, and headed down to see what else he was going to come up with as he threw down a perfect Kind Grind 450. This closed down street shop must have faced East because the sun was set for my shot. I added one flash to Chauncey’s far left to help frame his body and create a halo effect. With a low ISO, F Stop at 6.3, and my shutter set at 1/160, I was able to freeze this action beneath the New York City sun” – Sam DeAngelis.


ONE Magazine Shop Check: Tri-State Skate

May 23, 2011

Greg, when did you first open Tri-State Skate?
794 days ago, or March 14th 2009.

What was your inspiration?
My biggest inspiration was to create something for kids that I didn’t have growing up. I wanted to start a shop where kids could come hang out, meet other bladers, meet (and skate) with some of the best bladers on the planet, learn about skating, and of course a place to check out all the new gear in person before they spend their money.

Explain for us people from closer to The Four Corners or across the globe the significance of the phrase and location of the Tri-State? In other words, what the hell is the Tri-State?
It stands for the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT). And state rhymes with skate, so boom, Tri-State Skate!

Who are the most active skaters in your area in your opinion?
Well, my biased answer would have to be the shop riders: Franco Cammayo, Sean Agoliati, Dan Fabiano, Tim Franken, Bobby Reichel, Ryan Many, and Crazy Pat (Bernat). Theses dudes are incredible. Anytime I need clips for an edit, photos, or ANYTHING else they always come through 200%. Not only are these dudes constantly skating, but when they are out skating they are busy having fun (#1), talking to kids, promoting the shop and their sponsors, and just straight up making blading look amazing to outside eyes. Besides those guys, James Perez is one of the first names to pop in my head. Kid’s amazing, plain and simple. Damn, thinking about it there are just so many talented kids out here it would take a long time to list them all! Read the full interview here.


Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal #2

April 4, 2011

“For about a year there’s been an image in my head of a photo I wanted to capture. And I wanted to make sure that when I did it, it was done right. Lighting and location and timing are always important to me, but what’s also important is the correct subject to photograph. For this shot I chose Evan Grimball, a 21-year-old New York City local. Taken on what was one of the cooler nights in the city this year, I set up two Nikon SB 600 Speedlights to create cross lighting, and had the busy sidewalk of 14th St. cleared (easier said than done). The photo of Evan’s Fishbrain came out exactly how I had visualized it, and I’m more than satisfied. Evan is an amazing skater, and definitely an upcoming talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly” – Shardy Nieves.