Vote For Your Favorite New York Blader to Compete in the NYC Street Invitational

Here’s your chance to vote for your favorite NY blader to compete in the NYC Street Invitational. The 5 bladers with the most votes will be entered into the wild card positions of the competition. Go to the NYC Street Invitational website and simply enter the first and last name of the NY blader you’d like to see compete.

“The time has come and the final competitor list for the 2011 NYC Street Invitational is posted here. We have taken our time choosing the absolute best street skaters from all over the world to bring to New York City and we think we have a pretty amazing competitor list put together.

Now onto those Wild Card spots that we have promised. Due to the nature of the competition we will not have time for a qualifications or Amateur competition. Our main priority is to give those invited to the event every opportunity to shred what we will be putting in front of them.

We will be accepting suggestions for the 5 remaining Wild Card spots for the NYC Street Invitational. The top 5 submitted bladers will be invited to the competition. One submission per person so choose wisely” – NYC Street Invitational.


One Response to “Vote For Your Favorite New York Blader to Compete in the NYC Street Invitational”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow that was open like one day…I nominate Rob Dyrdek lulz

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