Mike Ferro KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry

Check out the first entry for the KuKu? X I Roll NY online edit contest featuring Mike Ferro of Hammondsport, NY. Filmed and edited by Nick Bagley.

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7 Responses to “Mike Ferro KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry”

  1. mike bob Says:

    this reminds me of old school grommet sections. all he needs is a pair of wide legs

  2. davengo Says:

    all those spots were so sick.

  3. Lininja Says:

    Spots were mad boring, style was nothing to talk about, tricks were eh, editing wasnt too awesome either.. Good try but not too great..

  4. kyle johnson Says:

    it deffenitley wasnt that great i agree lininja, but its 30 seconds and for a kid his age it was a great edit, he probly edited himself so give him credit, i know i edited my own and its not the best editing, but its the skating that mattersss smh -___-

  5. ludman Says:

    loved the wood tap to ao soul

  6. davengo Says:

    you kidding me lininja? this kid’s got mad swag and he’s mad young too!

    you should go chuck e cheeses if you like picking on kids.

  7. james p. Says:

    hahahahahahaha dave is funny. kid does have swag. hes illen it.

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