Richard Corley Spring Edit

Richard Corley posted an edit from last Spring featuring skating from Jesus Medina, Adonis Taylor and Richard Corley. Check the edit featuring the Bottle Rails on 56th street and 12th ave along with the love sign in in Manhattan, NY.

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5 Responses to “Richard Corley Spring Edit”

  1. Chad Caroselli Says:

    Always the man… Gettin better with the skillz kid.. JESUS is Boss Holla

  2. c2g Says:

    chad lol u don’t know what i just did i made a vid of u plus mike bob plus……. o man!! it’s cool n funny i’ll keep my mouth shut… na i can’t…. dave ortega!!

  3. ChrisK Says:

    Tight ass tricks!

  4. jesus medina Says:

    Thanks for the shout Chad

  5. james p. Says:

    yo0o sick shyt guys ados is thee man love his style..!! (ninja)) good shyt rich nd jesus :]

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