Daymian Ruiz “Nothing But My Best” Edit

Daymian Ruiz is from the Bronx, NY and is just eight years-old. Daymian has been skating since he was 2 and just started aggressive skating about 5 months ago. Check out how the young generation gets down and peep his illusion 180 and pornstar 360 out in the edit up top. Filmed and edited by Harison Hadzovic.

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27 Responses to “Daymian Ruiz “Nothing But My Best” Edit”

  1. Juice Says:

    killin shit as always, i Luv seein him skate and he’s a cool ass kid. Good shit

  2. roll®BladeA Says:

    Balling, No Lie. That shit just made my day.

  3. jesus medina Says:

    I’m wit it

  4. ludman Says:

    not sure it is a good idea to start skating so young.

  5. harison Says:

    and y is tht?

  6. David Toro Says:

    I met this kid at Mullaly’s in the BX. He’s nasty! Awesome edit.

  7. larsen cuevas Says:

    yo man dis lil kid dead ass makes me sk8 harder and go big
    nice edit watch weh he get older he gonna be a beast da next nyc pro

  8. Alex Says:

    This kid Too Nasty!

  9. Deezo Says:

    Sick!! shyt i wish i started dat young..keep it up kid..he gonna b a BEAST by the time he 16

  10. The GURU Says:

    he always loved skating yall know hes john stephens nephew?

  11. ChrisK Says:

    Awesome to see youngens start skating. 3out of a forward porn at 8!!!!

  12. timR Says:

    His bones are still growing and he can very easily compress his growth plates and cause different types of fractures.

    google Salter-Harris type fractures

    His bones are less dense (hard) at that age also

  13. lordbrian Says:

    I loved this, I can’t wait until my son starts skating!

  14. notnormalatall Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is what happens when you brainwash a child.

  15. Dave Lang Says:

    This is probably one of the best rollerblading videos I have ever seen.

  16. victor Says:

    you make a very good point. but hes gona do w.e he wants to do. but homeboy should consider it

  17. nyc Says:

    hes madd ill for 8. that is some nasty shit. btw whats the song called in this sick ass video?

  18. genius Says:

    the song is light up by drake and jay z

  19. harison Says:

    its light up by jay z and drake

  20. veeva65 Says:

    @notnormalatall – this kid is not brainwashed; he saw his uncle(johnathan stephens, my brother) skating and wanted to do what his uncle did. in fact, my brother influenced all our male children to want to skate, just because he does is so well and enjoys it so much. my brother was athletic naturally at 2; he saw something – basketball, football, skating-he tried them all and has been an athlete his whole life. im proud my nephew enjoys skating and wants to be like his uncle.

  21. veeva65 Says:

    day, you need to wear a helmet.

  22. Mimi Says:

    Like Veeva said, Daydi hasn’t been brainwashed. We all know its a dangerous sport, but it is what he loves- and I’d say its less dangerous than being piled on in football or hit by a bat or ball in baseball. In those sports, he doesn’t have control over what the other team does; in skating, he can decide when and where he wants to skate and do tricks. He’s been rolling around in Johnny’s skates since he was two- he hasn’t hurt himself yet!
    In my family, we accept that young males do dangerous things, perhaps because they do tend to be athletic. Johnny did things that had my heart in my throat!

  23. Mimi Says:

    You’re right, Bea. Where are the helmets? All the boys need to wear one.

  24. jav Says:

    thats whats up!!! lil man is ill with it!!

  25. Stefan B. Says:

    Kid skates better than most everyone on Be-Mag and Rollernews combined.

  26. daymian Says:

    I Dont Need To Wear No Helement

  27. daymian Says:

    And Thats Why I Want To Get Sponcered With Razors i Have To Train Harder

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