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Baby Shoe

July 9, 2018


We spent an hour with Sebastian Michalski at the Canarsie skatepark in Brooklyn, NY.

Quick Clips with Pablo Munoz

February 25, 2016

“Some chilled skating filmed by Patrick Anderson, Anddy Feliciano, and Austin C” – Pablo Munoz.

Joey Scannella Killuminati 7 Day Theory

December 8, 2015

Joey Scannella tears up the East Coast and West Coast streets in his 2015 profile edit.

Steve Iacono 2010 Nimh Edit

September 12, 2010

Check the edit of Steve Iacono skating all over New York City and Philadelphia, PA. Filmed by Nemo, Kelso’s, and Raysik.

Be-Mag One Minute One Spot with Ramelle Knight

August 26, 2010

See the full story and interview with Ramelle Knight on Be-Mag. “So as of late our up and coming video Fitted has been coming together well as far as filming goes and I am happy to say we are trying to hype it up. This One Minute One Spot features one of New York’s Finest Bladers Ramelle Knight as he conquers the rail that has been featured in many NY videos. Check out Ramelle’s section in Fitted and also view Ramelle as he warms up for the first thing shot that day” – Joe Perez.

Joey Scannella Bayonne Skatepark Edit

August 25, 2010

“Got to leave my job in Staten Island for a couple hours cause i had to go to the dmv to renew my liscense…. but the dmv was closed on monday for some reason… and i just so happened to have my skates with me in my girls trunk , so we were close enough to film a few clips at the bayonne skatepark in nj. All done before i had to go back to work at 4. Editing and filming all done through my iPhone 4. Filmed by my girlfriend and edited by me later on that night. Enjoy” – Joey Scannela.

Chris Dejesus Tri-State Skate Support Edit

August 12, 2010

Christopher Dejesus is a local skater from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. He has only been skating for a little over a year and at the age of 17 he’s already making a name for himself. Check the edit up top. Filmed and edited by Malik Ashby.

Val Vera Edit

August 8, 2010

Check the latest edit of Val Vera created by Cesar Macay. Unfortunately Val suffered from an ankle injury while filming so the edit isn’t completely done but check out all the tricks Val laced before his injury. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay. Hope you heal up quick Val.

Lower East Side Box Edit

July 23, 2010

“Skating the box in the Lower East Side on a Hot ass day. Matt couldn’t skate cause he’s injured…again but everyone else killed it. Rolleblading at its finest. Lower Decks Skating featuring Suki, Chris aka C-Boogie, Ruben, Jihwann, White John, and others” – lesrollerbladers.

William Jorge “The Warm Up” Edit

June 23, 2010

Check the latest from William Jorge and Jonseph Gomez skating the Bronx, NY. Filmed by Jonseph, Jose, Stanley, and Evelisse. Edited by Jonseph and William. “A little something i put together of whenever I’m able to session with friends. Had a whole lot of fun making it with everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped! Love all y’all fools. Look out for more from me soon. By the way, can you guess what my favorite trick is?” – William Jorge.