AOR Winter Clips

The Art of Rolling put together this short edit featuring some of the best tricks and stunts they caught over the winter so far. The edit features Adonis Taylor, Chauncey Jenkins, John Stephens, Dave Lang, James Perez, and Yannes Sootes. AOR has labeled the cast the most ambitious and talented skaters and I agree but I know there are more of you out there so start getting on your grind!

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4 Responses to “AOR Winter Clips”

  1. aor Says:

    hahah no i ment the website features the most ambitous and talented skaters meaning everyone i nyc! =0) yo craig thanks for posting this was kinda nervous posting this up since its bout my 7th edit but these snow days really leave you with nothing else to do, so i tryed hard but ran out of clips haha, guys hit us up we are always down to shoot and cover the talent out there, dont be afraid let us know when your lacing.

  2. irollerblade Says:

    These are all old school rollers except dave and james

    next time use younger skaters that actually have a chance to get out there in stead of washed up old rollers.

  3. harison Says:

    there not oldschool,there all in there 20’s

  4. THE BOSS Says:

    that vid was ight

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