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Brian “Cozmik” Scott Unseen Footage Edit

August 3, 2013

Angelo Ferrer recently uploaded unseen footage of Cozmik while shooting for Art of Rolling magazine in 2009. “This is the last footage taken of the homie. REST IN PEACE FAM. We do this for you.” – Angelo Ferrer.

Art of Rolling 3D Issue Online

April 20, 2012

The Art of Rolling 3D issue is online featuring interviews on DJ Jen Mass, Jean Yues Biondeau, and Carlos Montenegro.

Art of Rolling Issue 3 Volume 2 Online

March 4, 2012

The Art of Rolling has released their third issue online. Issue 3 volume 2 is a photo issue featuring a ton of photos of skaters from all over New York City.

Pablo Munoz & Larsen Cuevas AOR Dice Battle

November 17, 2011

Check out the dice battle between Pablo Munoz and Larsen Cuevas that went down in August.

New Era Skate Team Art of Rolling Edit

July 29, 2011

Featuring Eddie Esteves, Harison Hadzovic, Brian Rivera, Justin Barbot, Chris Hall, Elias Hadzovic, John Nebula, and Daymian Ruiz. Filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer.

Art of Rolling Issue 3 Volume 2 Sneak Peak

July 28, 2011

The Art of Rolling has released the cover for their newest issue featuring Ramelle Knight. This is Ramelle’s second cover for AOR magazine. Issue 3 volume 2 will be a photo issue featuring a ton of photos of skaters from all over New York City. As well, AOR I3V2 will be released for free at the NYC Street Invitational on August 20th!

Art of Rolling will also be releasing their previous 3D issue to the online world if they get 200 likes on their Art of Rolling Dice Facebook page. Get on that!

Bobby Reichel & Sean Grossman AOR Dice Battle

July 22, 2011

“Me and Bobby Reichel testing out the new Art of Rolling Dice Game at Wantagh Park in Long Island, NY” – Sean Grossman.

AOR Issue 1 Volume 2 Online + New Game!

July 12, 2011

Read AOR’s first printed issue online for free! Read AOR I1V2 here. “Volume 2 Issue 1 is definitely a step up from previous issues and rightfully so as it’s AOR’s first officially printed copy. With the help of local skater Gabriel Gonzalez Vol 2 Issue 1 features 44 pages of easily readable interviews complimented by clean design work. The cover, features Bronx, NY skater Hector Rodriguez grinding a huge drop rail that makes you want to see what else NYC’s talent has in-store. The magazine features photos of local skaters Jesus Medina, Victor Callender, Kevin Cintron, Dave Lang and more” – I Roll NY (first coverage.)

Check out the sneak peak of the newly developed dice game that Art of Rolling will be introducing. I Roll NY helped design one of the many images for the dice. “The Art of Rolling Dice is a new and original way to keep busy and creative while skating. This game offers anyone from beginner skills to advance skills a new and challenging way of grinding. This game can be played by yourself or with your friends” – AOR. Find out more at The Art of Rolling Dice Facebook page.

Art of Rolling NYC Montage

July 6, 2011

AOR put together a new montage featuring clips from photos featured in past issues of the magazine. Featuring skating from Ramelle Knight, Yannes Sootes, Adonis Taylor, Chauncey Jenkins, Hector Rodriguez, John Stephens, Rafael Herrera, Carlos Montenegro, and Dave Lang.

Art of Rollin I2V2 Cover Art Video

July 3, 2011

Check out the step by step process in the creation of the cover art of the latest Art of Rolling Magazine. Created by local skater Frank D’Angelo. Pick up your copy of AOR Issue 2 Volume 2 below.