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Skeptic Media Autopsy Full Video

February 11, 2013

Skeptic Media Full DVD Autopsy 2007 featuring team riders Carlos Pimentel, Yannes Sootes, Sebastian Michalski, Rafael Herrera, Lonnie Pearson, Joaquin Fletcher, Anthony Chen, Max Rensen, and many more. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal.

Art of Rolling NYC Montage

July 6, 2011

AOR put together a new montage featuring clips from photos featured in past issues of the magazine. Featuring skating from Ramelle Knight, Yannes Sootes, Adonis Taylor, Chauncey Jenkins, Hector Rodriguez, John Stephens, Rafael Herrera, Carlos Montenegro, and Dave Lang.

Spot Light: Ocean Parkway

August 6, 2010

Ocean parkway is a huge avenue in Brooklyn, NY covered in low straight rails that seem to go on forever. On avenue N and Ocean parkway there is a natural launch made from the broken up sidewalk making it that much more fun to skate the never ending rails. Adonis Taylor put together this edit featuring some of the best tricks from last year and earlier this year that went down featuring Yannes Sootes, James Perez, Sean Agoliati, Dylan Welter & Andrew Chiu. Filmed by Adonis Taylor, Christen Cofer, and Craig Benabu. Edited by Adonis Taylor.

Three Hours with Yannes Sootes

May 30, 2010

Check the edit of Yannes Sootes from a few weeks back in the Bensonhurst and Coney Island area of Brooklyn, NY. A lot of unseen rarely skated spots in this edit filmed and edited by Dillin Eric.

Lets Roll NY Session 5 Footage

May 22, 2010

Caught a couple of clips from last weekend’s, May 15th, Lets Roll New York session held in Queens, NY. Skaters include Yannes Sootes, Neil Diskin, Sasha Sergieiev, Angelo Ferrer, and Cesar Macay. Check out some of the tricks that went down on Saturday.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #22

May 12, 2010

This week’s Clip of the Week features Yannes Sootes skating the Ocean Parkway rails in Brooklyn, NY. Originally filmed for the Razors flat rail contest but unfortunately I was only able to capture Yannes’ warm up tricks before he had to leave. Check out C.O.W. #22 above.

A Day with I Roll NY’ers

March 24, 2010

Earlier in the month Htat Lin Htut contacted I Roll NY to create a small feature for Parsons The New School of Design. What started out as a commercial became a short documentary of a session held at McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn, NY. The edit sets a great tone and vibe for the beautiful weather we’ve been having while giving a different perspective and inside look of what a usual NYC session entails. Filmed and edited by Htat Lin Htut featuring Damian Michalski, James Perez, Yannes Sootes and other local skaters.

Brooklyn Winter Edit

February 25, 2010

“When making this edit, I wanted to show that the Brooklyn scene is still alive and more skaters like Almog Maman and Vincent Mcconney are coming up. Also we got couple of OG’s like Polish Mike and Adam Maman still skating hard even though they’ve got busy lives. Yannes Sootes is back and skating in full force as you can see in this edit. Brooklyn is not dead!” – John Alcantra.

AOR Winter Clips

February 13, 2010

The Art of Rolling put together this short edit featuring some of the best tricks and stunts they caught over the winter so far. The edit features Adonis Taylor, Chauncey Jenkins, John Stephens, Dave Lang, James Perez, and Yannes Sootes. AOR has labeled the cast the most ambitious and talented skaters and I agree but I know there are more of you out there so start getting on your grind!

NYC Behind The Scenes: Thursday Night at Shields

February 8, 2010

Adonis Taylor launches another behind the scenes sneak peak of what’s going on in our city. Making sure we all know that just because it’s cold out, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out skating. “We’re officially across the border and in NJ Skatepark, Shields, but its all about spreading the NY love for rolling across the globe. Bladers generally hold a Thursday night skate when its too cold out. Fortunately for you, we were able to bring you a BTS with Franco Cammayo, Dave Lang, and Chauncey Jenkins. Also on deck was Yannes Sootes who got the official Franco seal of approval and welcome back to the NY Scene (Yannes has been through too much and having him back is another testament to the resilience of NY skating)” – Adonis Taylor.